Monday, September 22, 2014

Review 1: Original Effect OE Killer Instinct series 1/6 scale Righter 13.5" tall female action figure

This was part of my haul from August 2014 (posted HERE)

Having already gotten Original Effect's first released Killer Instinct Sam female figure - see my reviews HERE, HERE and HERE, with comparison pictures HERE - this second Killer Instinct figure recently got my attention as well, enough to make me pre-order and now, here she is.

What got me interested in Righter was not only just the head sculpt but also the outfit. While the OE Killer Instinct Sam female figure was all dirty and bare like a car mechanic, Righter looks like she just stepped out of a space craft or something sci-fi, with her very cool and sleek uniform, including the high boots. I liked the whole anime / manga vibe about her.

But before we go any further, the picture you see above of Killer Instinct 1/6 scale Righter is NOT her in her complete outfit / costume. I've stripped her to the basic outfit to show what she wears underneath her protective jacket and cloak. What she has in her gloved hands are "Anti-explosion T-sticks" although they look very much like tonfas which were used by ninjas in ancient times (see my post HERE) and which inspired the side-handle batons (sometimes referred to as T-batons or Nightsticks) used by law enforcement agencies in modern times.

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Original Effect OE Killer Instinct series 1/6 scale Righter 13.5-inch tall female figure comes with the following items: 1/6 scale Righter's head, 13-inch Reborn body (the high heels added another 0.5 inches to her height), Corset, Dovetail collar, Armed belt, Chemical protective jacket, Uniform cloak, Anti-explosion T-sticks x 2, High boots, Hands with gloves. Figure comes dressed in full uniform and in top main tray when the lid is removed.

Under the top tray is the cloak itself

This is the basic Original Effect OE Killer Instinct series 1/6 scale Righter 13.5-inch female figure stripped of her uniform / outfit, wearing just the basic "undergarment" and high boots.

Close-up pictures of Original Effect OE Killer Instinct series Righter 1/6 scale anime / manga-like head sculpt.

OE Killer Instinct 1/6 scale Righter female figure has the new reborn body which I had reviewed earlier HERE and HERE. The Reborn bodies are a huge improvement over their first released body where everything below the waist just fell apart at the slightest touch. I had quite a lot of issues with it. You can see my review and pictures HERE and HERE.

Here's a closer look at the Anti-explosion T-sticks x 2

Here are the rest of OE 1/6 scale Killer Instinct Righter's outfit: Chemical protective jacket, Uniform cloak, Armed belt, Dovetail collar

NEXT: A suited up Killer Instinct Righter


humanbeingill said...

I picked up this release along with their Clarinet figure, these girl are GIANTS! I'm thinking about also grabbing, umm I mean doing uuughh, ummm also getting Thier Sofia Character too! Lol...

humanbeingill said...

p.s. It takes a TRUE MASTER to get these Amazons to balance and stand on those itty Bitty heels, I'm impressed Sir!

alex teo said...

It also requires LOTS of patience haha Regarding the giant bodies, that's why OE is releasing their Teenie bodies which will be 12-inch tall.