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MC TOYS 1/6th scale Dark Climbing Kroenen Set for 12-inch action figures Review II

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This is the fully kitted out MC TOYS 1/6th scale Dark Climbing Kroenen 12-inch action figure with all of his gear and accessories. MC Toys Item #F-042 1/6th scale Dark Climbing Kroenen Set comes with Kroenen head sculpt, Black Cap, Neck Gaiter, black Down Hooded Jacket, Shadow Shell Pants, Alpine Gloves, Rocky Mountain High Gaiters, Sabretooth Clip Crampons, TNF SLOT Winter Grip boots, Black military mountaineering backpack, Climbing Rope, Climbing Harness, Black molle belt, Screwgate Carabiner x 2, Nalgen 1000ml water bottle, water bottle pouch, Carbon Ski Pole x 2, BD Viper Ice Tool x 2, Spinner Leash with Screw Lock, Silver D-ring x 2. The only thing you will need to complete this set is a 12-inch figure body which is not included.

In the first part review of this MC Toys outfit set on my toy blog (posted HERE), I was able to show pictures and turnaround views of the padded black down hooded jacket which has some nice decals as well as the Shadow Shell Pants and TNF SLOT Winter Grip boots. Once you put on the full gear including the Black military mountaineering backpack, Rocky Mountain High Gaiters and Sabretooth Clip Crampons, some of the details which I was able to show earlier are now obscured. This figure set looks best with its full complements so this post covers the subject matter in its entirety.

The Alpine Gloves were a pain to put on and that was probably because I did it with a fixed pose gun gripping hand with trigger finger. These loose 1/6 scale gloves are usually much easier to assemble if you were to use bendy finger type of hands but those type of hands are less common these days. They can be found on most of the 12-inch figures released by ArtFigures. Check out my action figure reviews of the Art-Figures: SAVES "Punisher: War Zone" Figure HERE and HERE as well as the Art Figures AF-005 1/6 Avenger AKA Thomas Jane 12-inch Punisher Figure HERE and HERE.

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Among the many reasons I enjoy about this hobby of collecting action figures, especially the 1/6th scale ones, one of them is the attention to detail including the realism and accuracy the manufacturers try to maintain and produce with the 1/6th scale accessories and gear. I have never ever been up a mountain and doubt I'll ever go up there, especially the icy cold ones but this MC TOYS 1/6th scale Dark Climbing Kroenen Set does give me an idea what attire one needs to survive all the way up on the icy mountain landscape.

Besides the added gear including Rocky Mountain High Gaiters and Sabretooth Clip Crampons, there's also the Carbon Ski Poles and Climbing Harness

On the 1:6 scale Black military mountaineering backpack is stored the BD Viper Ice Tools (ice axes) and Climbing Rope. I cannot imagine that one would brave the bitter icy cold to do a spot of climbing. Extreme sports are certainly meant for a particular type of person(s)

One of the unique things I mentioned before about this set is the inclusion of the 1/6th scale Kroenen head sculpt. In the Hellboy movie, Karl Ruprecht Kroenen is a villain and an assassin. He wears a tight fitting gas mask on his face permanently after having conducted brutal experiments on his own body, including surgically removing his own eyelids, lips, and his toe- and finger nails. I think the head goes well with the rest of the outfit, completing the all black ensemble.

Check out the close-up shots for all the nice details of this MC TOYS 1/6th scale Dark Climbing Kroenen Set

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Kroenen wears a mountain climbing gear fairly early in the film (after the introductory WWII segment). Specifically, it's during Rasputin's resurrection scene. Not sure if this set captures the design accurately, but I just thought I'd let you know. =)

alex teo said...

Thanks for that juicy bit of info. Gonna have to go back and watch the film again...