Friday, January 16, 2015

Preview DAM Toys 1/6 scale Chinese People's Liberation Army Special Forces Recon figure

The People's Liberation Army Special Operations Forces is the Special forces branch of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Ground Force. It specializes in rapid reaction combat in a limited regional war under high-tech conditions, commando operations, counter-terrorism, and intelligence gathering. Although the size of the Special Operations Forces is classified, it is estimated to number 7,000 ~ 14,000 troops.

DAM Toys will be releasing a 12-inch figure from the People's Liberation Army Special Operations Forces Recon figure as their next figure set. What I like about these sets is that they are "officially licensed". Dam Toys got special permission and the official license to produce and market these figures so accuracy to details is definitely spot on here. I already got the Chinese People's Armed Police Force 12-inch figure as part of my January 2015 haul - see my toy blog post HERE. Each DAM Toys 1/6th scale Chinese People's Liberation Army Special Forces Recon figure set comes outfitted in China's very unique pixelated camouflage pattern, from the uniform down to the equipment, and utilizes their QZB-95 assault rifle.

DAM Toys 1/6 scale Chinese People's Liberation Army Special Forces Recon figure will come with 1/6 scale head sculpt, DAM action body, one (1) pair of gloved palms for holding weapon, fist gloved palm, ballistic helmet with cover, Profile NVG goggle, night vision goggle, NVG helmet mount, NVG 3x magnification, SOF camouflage jungle hat, T-shirt, SOF camouflage BDU coat with PLA SOF patch, flag patch. SOF camouflage BDU pants, BDU belt, Type 07 boots, tactical vest, rifle mag pouch x 4, double grenade pouch x 2, S belt, mask bag, water canteen and canteen pouch, rifle scope pouch, Fist Aid pouch, backpack, elbow pads, knee pads, drop leg holster, QSZ92 pistol, 9mm mag x1, QBZ95 rifle, rifle scope, 5.8mm mag x3, QLG91grenade launcher, 35 mm grenade x4, rifle sling, TBR-115 radio, radio pouch, handset, radio antenna, enhance antenna

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