Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Review 1: Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars 104th Battalion Wolfpack Clone Trooper 12-inch Figure

Inspired by Sergeant Sinker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Sideshow Collectibles produced and released this Wolfpack Clone Trooper: 104th Battalion Sixth Scale Figure as part of their Militaries of Star Wars collection. This was part of my December 2014 haul which I had posted on my toy blog HERE.

Under the command of Jedi General Plo Koon and Commander Wolffe, the loyal Clone Troopers of the Wolfpack squad identify themselves with a distinctive blue-grey decor, designed to honor fallen comrades at the hands of General Grievous during the Battle of Abregado. Ready for the next mission, the Wolfpack Clone Trooper Sixth Scale Figure comes equipped with a standard issue jetpack, complete arsenal of weapons and full range of articulation.

I don't get every Clone Trooper that is released by Sideshow Collectibles but I found myself drawn to this particular Trooper, partly because of the blue-grey design that is the Battle Weathered Full Body Armor with 104th Marking Deco and the fact that there's a wolf symbol on his helmet. The Clone Troopers belong to a galaxy far, far away so there shouldn't be any wolves living on any of the planets, right? Anyway, the wolf symbol on the helmet is still pretty cool. This Wolfpack Clone Trooper 12-inch figure also came with a JT-12 Jet Pack and a backpack with fabric cover.

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The Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 scale Militaries of Star Wars Series 104th Battalion Wolfpack Clone Trooper 12-inch Figure comes in the standard packaging seen with all other Star Wars figures, except this one has the Disney logo on it. I never imagined that Star Wars would ever come under the Disney brand of products. On that note, The Walt Disney Company has also acquired Marvel Entertainment, Inc. so the Disney empire has secured Marvel's superheroes too.

The 104th Battalion Wolfpack Clone Trooper 12-inch Figure is found in the top tray with some of his accessories.

The rest of the 1/6 scale accessories are found in the bottom tray, including the JT-12 Jet Pack, Backpack with Fabric Cover,  and DC-15A Blaster Rifle with Optional Spear Attachment. Thirteen (13) Interchangeable gloved hands and an extra pair of Action Pose Feet are also included.

When I received my Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive DC Comics 1/6th scale Blue & Gray Batman 12-inch action figure (reviewed HERE, HERE and HERE), I was most impressed with the new 12-inch articulated body with the tight joints and pose-ability but unfortunately, these Star Wars Clone Troopers are still stuck with the old crappy body with weak and loose joints that can barely hold anything, let alone stand up straight unassisted.

Here's the Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars 104th Battalion Wolfpack Clone Trooper 12-inch Figure with his 1/6th scale DC-15A Blaster Rifle with optional Spear Attachment

Here's a closer look at the spear attachment which is removable. It's certainly new to me as the other Clone Troopers I own don't have this.

The 104th Battalion Wolfpack Clone Trooper also has the option of carrying the JT-12 Jet Pack or a backpack with fabric cover.

The JT-12 jetpack was a personal jetpack favored by the bounty hunter Jango Fett. This modified version is used extensively by clone jet troopers. That means that these grey wolves could really fly.

I never fancied the DC-15A Blaster Rifle because I find it too long and it looks cumbersome. I much prefer the shorter and more compact DC-15S Blaster Carbine which will be shown in the NEXT post / review.

Scroll down to see close-up pictures of the Battle Weathered Full Body Armor with 104th Marking Deco found on this Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars 104th Battalion Wolfpack Clone Trooper 12-inch Figure. The fact that these clone troopers are weathered means you don't have to worry too much about keeping them in prime pristine condition. They were made to look this way with all their battle scars.

NEXT: Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars 104th Battalion Wolfpack Clone Trooper 12-inch Figure with Backpack (comes with Fabric Cover) accompanied by a certain mammal. No prizes for guessing what animal it'll be ;p

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Anonymous said...

Evidently they have (or had) falcons or else we wouldn't have the Millenium Falcon. So they must have wolves too.

alex teo said...

Well said :) good point haha