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ZCWO 1/6th scale United States Riot Police "Shawn" 12-inch action figure Review II

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Happy New Year 2015 :) Looks like the world celebrated the new year rather peacefully and these guys were not called into action which is a very good thing.

Riot police may be regular police who act in the role of riot police in particular situations or they may be separate units organised within or in parallel to regular police forces. Riot police are used in a variety of different situations and for a variety of different purposes. They may be employed to control riots as their name suggests, to disperse or control crowds, to maintain public order or discourage criminality, to protect people or property, to function as a tool of political repression by breaking up protests and suppressing dissent or civil disobedience.

Riot police often use special equipment termed riot gear to help protect themselves and attack others. Riot gear typically includes personal armor, batons, riot shields and riot helmets. Many riot police teams also deploy specialized less-than-lethal weapons, such as pepper spray, tear gas, rifles that fire rubber bullets, stun grenades, and Long Range Acoustic Devices.

This ZCWO 1/6th scale United States Riot Policeman "Shawn" 12-inch figure is based quite closely on the Riot Police seen in the 2007 political action film "Battle in Seattle". In the first part review posted HERE, I showed the box contents and laid them all out for easier viewing. That was followed by equipping "Shawn" first with the basic police gear before adding on the riot protective gear, including the pepper spray and megaphone / loud hailer. In this second-part review, I've added the riot police helmet, gas mask (which comes with an additional face shield), shield and long stick for dealing with rioters and trouble makers who wish to disturb the peace.

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Here's ZCWO "Shawn" with gas mask on. This is the basic gas mask without the additional shield piece. Do note that the 1:6 scale shotgun is added by me and is NOT included with this United States Riot Police box set. The riot protective gear makes the figure look rather cool as the extra protection gives him a sort of "armored" look.

Here are the pictures of ZCWO 1/6th scale United States Riot Policeman "Shawn" 12-inch figure wearing the gas mask with the additional layer of protection, another face shield over the gas mask. 

Finally, we see pictures of ZCWO 1/6th scale United States Riot Policeman "Shawn" 12-inch figure in full gear and attire, with riot police helmet which comes with full face shield, gas mask, Police shield and long stick. He also has the regular baton / night stick which is carried on his duty belt.

Scroll down to see the close-up pictures of ZCWO 1/6th scale United States Riot Policeman "Shawn" 12-inch figure in full gear

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