Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015 with Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Micro Fighters

Well, it looks like 2014 is coming to an end...

It has been a GREAT year; every year is a good year when you can still play with toys LOL So to help send off the old and bring on the new, I have these cute Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Micro Fighters to say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015. For someone who has been collecting toys since 1994, it's always been FUN! If it's no longer fun, then I'll probably stop doing it. These Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Micro Fighters are pretty cool. I believe there have been only six microfighters released so far and these two were the only ones I got excited about. The only other one I might get is the TIE Interceptor microfighter with TIE Fighter pilot.

When it comes to the Millennium Falcon, I have quite a few but none beats the awesomeness that is the Hasbro Toys Star Wars Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon. You can check out the review on my toy blog HERE and also the other Star Wars vehicles HERE. Now with the Millennium Falcon being featured in the new Star Wars film, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (also known as "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens"), the Millennium Falcon is going to get a lot more attention than ever before. Can't wait to see the movie out next year :)

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These mini flying machines from a galaxy far, far away have maintained their identity very well even though they have been miniaturized into micro versions of themselves. One look and one can tell right away what they are in the Star Wars universe. The fact that they can also fit their pilots is a bonus – a pity that co-pilot Chewie can't be together with Han in the Millennium Falcon.

This Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon Micro Fighter is a fun mini version of the fastest ship in the galaxy and features a quad laser cannon with 2 flick missiles and a mini cockpit on top for Han Solo to sit in!

This Lego Star Wars X-Wing Micro Fighter is a micro-version of the iconic Rebel starfighter and has a surprising level of detail, like moveable wings, 4 flick missiles, Astromech Droid section and a mini cockpit for the X-Wing Pilot to sit in!

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Anonymous said...

where are those clear risers from?

alex teo said...

They are actually KG Hobby Clear Action Figure Display stands - see my post at