Thursday, February 26, 2015

Incoming: Square Enix Play Arts Kai DC Comics Variant – 1/7 scale Batman: Timeless Wild West

Imagining Batman in the wild west is not new. DC Comics did publish a wild west Batman comic as part of their "Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne" 6-issue limited series and there was even an action figure released as well. That particular Wild West Batman action figure didn't grab my attention.

But this one certainly did!

From Square Enix comes this Play Arts Kai "Batman Timeless" line which will be depicting the Dark Knight in various time periods and the first figure out of the DC Comics variant series will be Batman: Timeless Wild West and he looks mighty interesting.

This new interpretation of the Dark Knight sees him fully fully outfitted for the wild west frontier with a detailed cowboy costume consisting of cowboy hat, distinctive mask, wild west style outfit, chaps, spurs cowboy boots, cowboy belt with holster, grapple gun, batarang, knife, tomahawk axe and extra interchangeable hands. The brown colors make him stand out a little too much although the leather texture looks nice. I would have preferred if they had worked with black or very dark grey colors. He's the DARK Knight after all ;p

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HeDoN666 said...

Keen on this one Alex, preordered a few days ago. :)