Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Check out Sen-Ti-Nel Re:Edit Iron Man #02 Extremis Armor 18cm (7-inch) action figure

It seems every TOY company out there is trying to sell as many Iron Man figures as they possibly can. And if they can't get the designs of the original Iron Man figure, they can opt to design their own Iron Man figures and call it the Marvel Variant Iron Man (done by Square Enix for their Play Arts Kai line of figures - see my recent toy blog post HERE) or Re:Edit Iron Man!

Sentinel continues their Re:Edit Iron Man figures with the Extremis armor! Made of plastic and die-cast parts, this super-posable figure stands about 18cm (7 inches) tall, and his eyes and chest light up! He comes with a pair of fisted hands, a total of four other interchangeable hands, the Hall of Armor base (including a pole for support), and two test batteries (LR41 type, which means you may want to get him a set of fresh ones when he arrives at your home because you know what happens to your figures when the batteries leak! If you don't know, better check out my post "Hot Toy Collecting Tip #1: Remove ALL Batteries!" HERE).

I much prefer these Sen-Ti-Nel Re:Edit Iron Man action figures (this is #02) as they stay much closer to the original designs and colors with some interesting tweaks. Square Enix Play Arts Kai version of Iron Man could actually work well as the villain in this case, sort of like a DARK Iron Man, just like Dark Phoenix, Dark Wolverine etc. a concept Marvel has run away with.

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Unknown said...

I'm really liking your post on smaller scale action figures, Alex. Between the Revoltech Turtles, which are all awesome!, and now this Iron Man I've been slowly buying these smaller guys over the last year.

I'm no Iron Man toy fan but I might pick up this version since he looks to have a ton of articulation -- AND if the price isn't crazy.

alex teo said...

I love all toys / action figures, big or small :) These look really nice but they are a bit pricey. The previous version went for USD160! That's a lot for just 7 inches :(

Unknown said...

$160 ---- WHAT?!!?!?!

I won't use profanity but Sentinel just made the list. I guess the "final licensor" is paid by the second for his crucial analysis.

alex teo said...

I was just as disappointed with the pricing as you. Didn't feel that it's worth that much.