Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Preview OE (OriginalEffect) KillerParadise (was KillerInstinct) War Vol. 2 Rocketeer female figure

From OE (OriginalEffect):
To grow to the series’ fullest potential, from 2015.1.30, KillerInstinct series will be officially renamed ”Killer Paradise“. The new name will begin with KillerInstinct SUNNY.

OE (OriginalEffect) KillerParadise (originally known as KillerInstinct) War Vol.2 Rocketeer, with Teenie body, 27cm in height, weathering and faded effect, movable eyes, 5 pairs of optional hands, Anorak and Rocket launcher and even more arms and ammunition accessories! Head and Hair are interchangeable with other Teenie Body products of KillerParadise (KillerInstinct).

A lot of the new products being released by OE (OriginalEffect) feature their new Teenie bodies which are 12 inches tall and more in line with all other 1/6 scale figures in the collectible market. This looks like a move in the right direction for OE as it makes their figures more compatible with all other figures and they will pose better together.

OE's original female figures (they haven't released any male figures thus far) were 13-inch to 13.5 inches tall and they really stood out above standard 12-inch figures. You can see my toy blog post "Comparison pictures of OE Killer Instinct Righter with Sam, Princess Jun, Vis Eris, Raiden & Boom" HERE for the pictures showing the differences in height.

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OE (OriginalEffect) War Vol. 2 Rocketeer female figure will come with Head, Anorak, Goggles, Black singlet, Cargo pants, Boots, Grenade Bandoleer, Single belt backpack, Rocket launcher, Rocket propelled grenade x 4, Antitank grenade x 8, Hands with gloves x 5 pair (Optional knife-holding hand x 1 pair, Optional gun-holding hand x 1 Pair, Optional normal hand x 1 pair, Optional clenching hand x 1 pair, Optional modelling hand x 1 pair)

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Anonymous said...

This is a nice figure. Has a 3A feel to it. Dont mind grabbing this. Thanks for the review alex.