Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kaustic Plastik 1/6 scale Praetoriae Cohortes (Praetorian Guard) Lucius Aelius Seianus figure

Lucius Aelius Seianus, commonly known as Sejanus, was an ambitious soldier, friend and confidant of the Roman Emperor Tiberius. An equestrian by birth, Sejanus rose to power as prefect of the Roman imperial bodyguard, known as the Praetorian Guard, of which he was commander from AD 14 until his death in AD 31.

While the Praetorian Guard was formally established under Emperor Augustus, Sejanus introduced a number of reforms which saw the unit evolve beyond a mere bodyguard, into a powerful and influential branch of the government involved in public security, civil administration and ultimately political intercession; changes which would have a lasting impact on the course of the Principate.

During the 20s, Sejanus gradually accumulated power by consolidating his influence over Tiberius and eliminating potential political opponents, including the emperor's son, Drusus Julius Caesar. When Tiberius withdrew to Capri in 26, Sejanus was left in control of the administration of the empire. For a time the most influential and feared citizen of Rome, Sejanus suddenly fell from power in 31, the year his career culminated with the consulship. Amidst suspicions of conspiracy against Tiberius, Sejanus was arrested and executed, along with his followers.

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Kaustic Plastik 1/6 scale Praetoriae Cohortes (Praetorian Guard) Lucius Aelius Seianus 12-inch figure Features: Deluxe Packaging, New head Sculpt, KP04 Generation K Body, Praetorian Attic Helm (Die-Cast), Sword / Gladio (Die-Cast), Dagger / Pugio (Die-Cast), Armour / Lorica Muscolata, Pteruges / Leather Vest, Red Cape (Cloth), Closed Boots / Calcei (Leather), White Tunic Short (Cloth), White Tunic Long (Cloth), Red Scarf / Focale (Cloth), Armored Belt / Cingulum Militare (Leather + Details in Die Cast), Pilum Kit, Long Lance, Shield, Vexillum / Legion Flag, Deluxe Stand

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