Monday, April 20, 2015

April 2015 2nd haul: 1/6 Russell Crowe + Arena Fighter outfit, Tom Cruise & Gingerbread Man

Look what just came in the mail... or rather, what the DHL guy brought me on Saturday :) I received the Kaustic Plastik KP04-A 1/6th scale Generation K 12-inch Muscular Body and the Kaustic Plastik XXL Set 2 – 1/6th scale The Arena Fighter Outfit Set (these two definitely have to go together!). This two items plus the Medicom Toy RAH (Real Action Heroes) 1/6th scale "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" Ethan Hunt Collectible Figure and 6-inch Dissected Gingerbread Man ABS Art Collectible by Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx which I got during the week rounds off my second haul of April 2015 - You can see what I got for my first haul of April 2015 in my earlier toy blog post HERE

I realized that when I still get excited about these things, it only shows that my passion for them has not waned, even after more than 20 years. I've been collecting toys (then upgraded to adult collectibles) since 1994 and I have been blogging about toys and action figures, and sharing my passion for them on the internet since July 2007. Sure, prices have been going up and up, and it's getting tougher to have the things you want but every time I do get something, there's still the thrill and satisfaction. Which begs the question: "Why do adults collect toys?" The answers can be found in my blog post of October 2014 titled "Why do adults collect toys? Also a BIG thank you for the more than 15,000,000 (15 million) page views so far" posted HERE

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This is the Kaustic Plastik KP-04 Generation K 1/6th scale Muscle Body suitable for 1/6 fabric costumes and accessories. It features: Soft Rubber Torso, Two Sets of Arms, 30+ Points of Articulation, Life-like Muscle Definition, 8 Posing Hands, 3D CAD Designed Internal Mechanisms. The head sculpt does bear a resemblance to the character Russell Crowe plays in the 2000 British-American epic historical drama film "Gladiator" directed by Ridley Scott. You can see the preview pictures HERE

Also produced and released by Kaustic Plastik: XXL Project Set 2 – 1/6th scale Arena Fighter Outfit Set for 12-inch figures. The Arena Fighter Outfit Set (Limited Edition) Features: Tunic, Breastplate Armor, Left Shoulder Armor, Wrist Gauntlets, Sword, Shield, Leather Footwear, Balteus and Cingulum. Previewed earlier on my toy blog HERE.

I also got this Medicom Toy RAH (Real Action Heroes) 1/6th scale "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" Ethan Hunt Collectible Figure. This figure retailed at USD$299.99 and has sold out at Sideshow Collectibles but I managed to snag one for just USD$110 which is the price I'm most willing to fork out for a Medicom Toy figure so I'm quite pleased with this purchase. You can check out the preview pictures posted HERE.

I've also gotten the Brothers Production Presents 1/6th scale Final Mission 12-inch figure a.k.a. Tom Cruise as IMF Agent Ethan Hunt in MI4: Ghost Protocol and posted reviews plus lots of pictures of said figure HERE, HERE and HERE. So I really wanted to check out Medicom Toy's version and take comparison pictures. Plus, Medicom Toys Ethan Hunt comes with the Russian nuclear launch-control device.

Last but not least, check out this 6-inch Dissected Gingerbread Man ABS Art Collectible by Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx. It comes in a blister pack and packaged nicely so that there's no need to guess what's inside the box. The Dissected Gingerbread Man is an original art piece designed by well known American artist Jason Freeny. I'm really glad to see this made. It's really neat and cool :)

Jason Freeny (born 1970) is an American artist specializing in sculpture, designer toys and computer-generated imagery. He is best known for his anatomical art, where he produces cutaway drawings of (typically toy) inanimate objects such as a Lego man, Barbie doll, the animated fish Nemo or a balloon art dog.

Here's a picture of the 6-inch Dissected Gingerbread Man ABS Art Collectible next to the Gummi Bear Anatomy Model 4-D Puzzle Kit, both designed by Jason Freeny. Designed by artist and designer Jason Freeney, this Gummi Bear has its own disproportional skeleton and organs. The Bear features a sturdy clear plastic case that serves as the "skin" or outer shell that holds the skeleton and organs in place. The skull-cap can be removed to expose the brain. The brain can be removed and splits apart into two pieces. All of the organs detach from each other. These organs are solid and durable. They include: the lungs, intestines, stomach, liver, spinal cord, heart, and esophagus. The skeleton also comes apart into many pieces. The bones are made of a durable, slightly flexible plastic. The completed model measures 8.25 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide x 4 inches thick. You can check out the full review with lots of photos HERE.

You can also check out artist Jason Freeny's interview in Spliced "pop culture and lifestyle" magazine HERE

Well, that's all for now. Check back for reviews coming up shortly :)


timur said...

i cant wait to see the review of tom cruise ghost protocol. looks cool with mid short pants. i hope he also sticks on glass. :D

Kaido said...

Me too! It's been too long since you gave any love to Medicom! ;-)

alex teo said...

I can only love Medicom when the price is right and this time I actually found a match haha

EmilysCopyWrites said...

Hello. Emily here.

1) Is VTS better than Hot Toys?

2) Did the Celebrities actually know that they are Hot Toys of them?

Thanks and regards :)

alex teo said...

Hi Emily

1) Hot Toys is still the top dog in 1/6th scale collectibles. VTS is pretty close and they are much cheaper in price.
2) Hot Toys figures are officially licensed which is why we have to pay more for them.