Monday, April 13, 2015

Worldbox VT003 1/6th Durable Body - narrow shoulder, good posture most ideal for kitbashing

There is a distinction between 1:6 scale collectors who choose to simply display their figures in the original box, and playscale miniaturists. Playscale Miniaturism, a.ka. 1:6 scale modeling, is a hobby focusing on the collecting and / or customization of commercially produced 1:6 scale action figures and accessories. Consistent with other forms of miniaturism, many enthusiasts make their own custom uniforms, weapons, helmets, and equipment. Kitbashing is another component of playscale miniaturism. This involves the mixing and matching of clothing and accessories from different sources to achieve the desired look.

1:6 scale is fairly new to the modeling world, having been standardized in the early 1960s through Barbie and G.I. Joe toys (it is not clear exactly when these figures were first used for mainstream modeling purposes). Playscale miniaturism (with emphasis on articulated figures) emerged as a hobby in 1964 when the toy company Hasbro introduced the first fully articulated action figure: G.I. Joe. Unfortunately, by 1976, GI Joe was no longer produced in 1:6 scale although the U.K. equivalent, Action Man, continued on for much longer. In the early 1990s Hasbro began reproducing G.I. Joe in 1:6 scale again as a Classic Collection marketed towards adults. The shift in focus towards collectibility rather than marketing the figures as a toy invited competition, and soon other companies began to market detailed 1:6 figures toward adult consumers.

And that is where we are today :) The 1:6 scale collectible market is alive and strong, and growing too judging by the number of new entrants into the market, although most of the numbers are made up of Hot Toys collectors who seem to choose to simply display their figures in the original box - see my recent toy blog post "Hot Toys Collector or Hot Toys Box Collector? Age-old question: To open / not to open the toy!" HERE

This upcoming Worldbox VT003 1/6th Durable Body - narrow shoulder, good posture seems most ideal for kitbashing. You don't need a 12-inch figure body if you only collect Hot Toys figures because they all come with a body already. But if you are into 1:6 scale kitbashing or customization, then a good 12-inch figure body is one of the required items on the list. Worldbox VT003 1/6th Durable Body set specially features: Newly developed narrow shoulder body, good posture! Body is approximately 30 cm tall with two pairs of interchangeable arm including: One pair of seamless arm joints, may be bent 90 degrees; One pair of non-seamless arm joints. Body is suitable for 1/6th scale fabric costume and accessories. Accessory: Figure display stand

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Release date: Q2, 2015

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Anonymous said...

I like the way the seamless arms are sculpted - nice muscles, but still - the issue of the durability of this type of coating... And another trouble - unequal skin tone all over the body... gosh, still close but not perfect 1/6 muscular body... p.s. Alex, do you plan to review Kaustic's new GENERATION K body KP04? I'm really interested in your opinion... :-) best regards from Poland!


alex teo said...

Thanks Tom for the vote of confidence :) I'm still waiting for the manufacturer to send me the figure as I have no intention of buying it. Did you see my review of the KP02XXL? Link here:

gatot said...


timur said...

I just saw this thing in ebay. It's so pricey even if they include the head. For kitbasher like me, economic is the key. Find a copy of hottoys ttm and look for a head sculpt. they'll come in less than half price compare to this worldbox figure.