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Z.E.R.T. (Zombie Eradication Response Team) 1:6 Jameson Deathridge 12" Figure - Review 1

From warriors of a bygone era (see previous post) to a modern warrior of the current age. This is the recently released USA exclusive Z.E.R.T. (Zombie Eradication Response Team) 1:6th scale Jameson YoungBlood Deathridge 12-inch Action Figure by E&S (Easy and Simple) which has a production run of only 600 pieces and wasn't sold outside the U.S. I was quite happy to score this figure (this was part of my February haul - posted HERE) but I only got to unboxing it recently. You can check out the reviews on my toy blog in this post and the NEXT.

This guy doesn't actually exist. This 12-inch figure is based off the fictional Z.E.R.T. comic book character. In the comic book series, Jameson YoungBlood Deathridge is a retired Force Recon Marine, now working Proliferation Operations for the C.I.A. He is chasing signs of a terrible plague sweeping across the Middle East. Deathridge’s American Special Operations team fights to contain the evil before it spreads.

Sounds familiar? A bit like Brad Pitt's character in the 2013 American disaster zombie film "World War Z" directed by Marc Forster. The film stars Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a former United Nations investigator who must travel the world to find a way to stop a zombie pandemic. The same company, E&S also released a 1:6 scale Zombie Survivor set based on Gerry. You can check out my reviews HERE and HERE. While the figure is fictional, the gear and equipment he has on him are all real and accounted for in 1:1 scale. There's even a Z.E.R.T. web page and organization. Z.E.R.T.’s Cadre is made up of Special Forces Instructors who use their vast knowledge and ‘real world’ experience to teach civilian members. Z.E.R.T.’s Cadre has also trained over 100 state and federal officers in 4 states.

For my first-part review of this E&S 1:6 scale Z.E.R.T. (Zombie Eradication Response Team) Jameson YoungBlood Deathridge 12-inch action figure, I have posted 35 pictures... with more to come. What can I say? This figure deserves all the attention. Enjoy :)

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Box is all black with mostly red graphics and words. The 12-inch figure is designed by BlackOps Toys and Z.E.R.T, distributed by MSE (Mission Specific Equipment) and manufactured by Easy & Simple. The first thing you see when you lift the cover are 1:1 scale patches (from top: round Z.E.R.T. patch - nicely done, I like it; numbered laminated card - mine is 409 of 600, and E&S snowflake logo.

The next thing is the black foam tray that holds most of the 1:6 scale gear, accessories and weapons. Gotta love the magazines with the red skull painted on them - too cool.

The last tray is where the 12-inch Jameson YoungBlood Deathridge action figure can be found, along with the rest of his stuff. The exclusive version with 200 units production run comes with a zombie head instead of the human one.

Here's Z.E.R.T. (Zombie Eradication Response Team) 1:6th scale Jameson YoungBlood Deathridge 12-inch action figure out of the box, posing with his cigar. He is wearing the Scorpion Urban Camouflage Uniform, Black Belt, and High Speed Black & Red "Go Fasters" Shoes. He comes with a pair black gloved hands.

Close-up shots of the 1:6 scale Jameson YoungBlood Deathridge head sculpt. The sculpt has a bit of a Gerard Butler vibe and is designed to be chomping on a cigar. Scroll down to see the turnaround views.

Here's a look at the head sculpt without his cigar. I don't know why but I keep seeing PIRATE written all over his face. This will be the last time I show the sculpt. After this, it'll be covered by the black balaclava.

Here are most of the 1:6 scale Z.E.R.T. (Zombie Eradication Response Team) gear and weapons all laid out. Top row from left to right: Radio Headset with Arc Rail Adapter, PRC Radio, Airframe Helmet System, NVG mount, GPNV Quadeye Night Vision System with Battery Pack, C.A.T. Tourniquet. Weapons are laid out with magazines removed and extra parts unassembled. A two-point rifle sling is also included

Close-up shots of the RMJ Tactical "Berserker" Tomahawk with Kydex Sheath, Medical Shears and Tactical SS Hawk Blade with Kydex Sheath. The clip for the sheath can be taken out and re-attached via the two pegs found on the clip. This was necessary as the clip was wrongly assembled on mine when it was taken out of the box.

The picture below shows the assembled Sub-Compact HK416C 5.56 Carbine Rifle with MFT Pistol Grip, Flash Hider, Muzzle Striker Suppressor, Red Dot Optic, PEQ IR Laser, MFT Vertical Foregrip, 300 Quick Detach Tactical Light, 1 x 60-Round Magazine, 5 x Zertified 5.56 Polymer Window Magazines. Next to it is the Glock G17 Pistol with Threaded Barrel, Suppressor, Red Dot Optic, 2 x Taran Tactical Innovations High Cap Pistol Magazines with Red Butt Plate, 3 x Regular Pistol Magazines. Click on the pic for a bigger and better view

A soldier needs something to hold all his other stuff, keep them close to him and within easy reach when he needs them. The Shellback Tactical "Banshee" Plate Carrier System does just that. It comes in Ranger Green and there are also the Shellback Tactical Triple Shingle 5.56 Magazine Pouch, Shellback Tactical Double Pistol Magazine Pouch, Shellback Tactical "Rampage" Admin Pouch, Shellback Tactical Hydra Bladder with Hydration Tube, and Shellback Tactical Emergency Pouch. There's also the High Speed Kydex Battle Belt System, Riggers Belt, Kydex Double Pistol Magazine Holster, Kydex Radio Holster, Kydex 5.56 Magazine Holster, Kydex 60-Round Magazine Holster. Also included are: Manta Strobe, 4 x Chem Lights, 2 x D-Ring. The black U shaped thing is for attaching the black pouch onto the back of the belt.

Below is a picture of how everything looks when fully assembled.

And here's how everything looks on the 12-inch figure. This is the E&S 1:6 scale Z.E.R.T. (Zombie Eradication Response Team) Jameson YoungBlood Deathridge 12-inch action figure fully decked out, geared up and ready to roll. NOTE: I switched the head out for a more generic looking head sculpt. Since the face will be covered by the balaclava most of the time on my Z.E.R.T. figure, I decided to switch heads and keep the rather expressive Jameson YoungBlood Deathridge head sculpt for future kitbashes / customization. Also, the pointy beard of Deathridge doesn't go well with the balaclava and helmet chin strap as it gets in the way.

Check out the turnaround views of this rather cool looking dude. 1:6 scale patches are provided for you to add onto the 12-inch figure. Z.E.R.T. stickers are also provided to be pasted onto the headset etc if you want.

The 1:6 scale Cyre Air-frame Helmet System with NVG mount plus GPNV Quadeye Night Vision System including Battery Pack, PRC Radio & Headset with Arc Rail Adapter, and Manta Strobe is quite amazingly detailed. The Radio Headset with Arc Rail Adapter and microphone for him to talk into was the hardest thing to put on and is rather delicate and fragile. It's still better than the 'old' days when the headset was worn under the helmet. Then you had to make sure that the helmet straps go over everything properly without breaking anything in the process. 

Check out the crazy details on something so small and miniscule. The GPNV Quadeye Night Vision System (GPNVG-18) is the latest in Night Vision technology. Night Vision equipment started with one lens, then two and now four is the in-thing.

The 1:6 helmet has tiny elastic bands with tiny hooks at the end to attach the GPNVG-18 so that it stays securely in place. You can even make out what looks like a Duracell battery inside the Manta Strobe placed on top of the helmet.

I actually switched the PRC radio to the left side as the wire connecting the radio to the headset via the PTT switch were all aligned on the left. The 60-round magazine which was originally stored in the holder went over to the right instead.

The battery pack for the GPNV Quadeye Night Vision System is attached to the back of the helmet. The Hydration Tube goes over the right shoulder and attaches to the Shellback Tactical "Banshee" Plate Carrier System.

The 1:6 scale Sub-Compact HK416C 5.56 Carbine Rifle with MFT Pistol Grip, Muzzle Striker Suppressor, Red Dot Optic, PEQ IR Laser, MFT Vertical Foregrip, 300 Quick Detach Tactical Light, with Zertified 5.56 Polymer Window Magazine attaches to the operator via a Black Two Point Rifle Sling

Another look at the Glock G17 Pistol with Red Dot Optic

Check out those 1:6 scale High Speed Black & Red "Go Fasters" Shoes

That's one mean looking modern warrior

NEXT: More pictures of E&S 1:6 scale Z.E.R.T. (Zombie Eradication Response Team) Jameson YoungBlood Deathridge 12-inch action figure with his weapons looking to eradicate zombies.

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