Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Check out CRAFTONE 1/6th scale Bank Robbers - Criminal Crew (Premium Version)

Heat is a 1995 American crime film written, produced and directed by Michael Mann, and starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Val Kilmer. De Niro plays Neil McCauley, a professional thief, while Pacino plays Lt. Vincent Hanna, a veteran L.A.P.D. robbery-homicide detective tracking down McCauley's crew. The central conflict is based on the experiences of former Chicago police officer Chuck Adamson and his pursuit in the 1960s of a criminal named McCauley, after whom De Niro's character is named.

Val Kilmer portrayed Chris Shiherlis who is part of Neil McCauley's (Robert De Niro) crew. The explicit nature of several of the film's scenes was cited as the model of a spate of robberies since its release. This included armored car robberies in South Africa, Colombia, Denmark, and Norway and most famously the 1997 North Hollywood shootout, in which Larry Phillips, Jr. and Emil Mătăsăreanu robbed the North Hollywood branch of the Bank of America and, similarly to the film, were confronted by the LAPD as they left the bank. This shootout is considered one of the longest and bloodiest events of its type in American police history. Both robbers were killed, and eleven police officers and seven civilians were injured during the shootout. Heat was widely referenced during the coverage of the shootout.

CRAFTONE No.006A 1/6th scale Bank Robbers - Criminal Crew (Premium Version) will come with two head sculpts, Gray jacket, black vest, Gray coveralls ambulance service (with patches), White shirt, dark tie, shoes, socks, Gray trousers , brown leather belt, Sunglasses, watch, Black headgear, Black mask, Tactical vest, Headphone-style communicator, M733 assault rifle equipped with 8 magazines, Long-handled flashlight, M92F pistol, Black bag, Greenbacks, black frame with explosives.

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The regular version will come with just the Gray suit and bag with money notes.

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