Sunday, September 27, 2015

VERY COOL 1/6 Lady Dragon in the Moonlight (“Dou Zhan Shen” Series of Tencent Game)

Based on the Journey to the West, one of China's four classic novels, the game blends magnificent scenes, vivid and aesthetic personalities and colorful combat skills with 72 magic changes and 81 great hardships in defeating monsters and demons to outline a journey more intriguing than the classic journey to the West. World of West offers a total of 5 major professions for players to choose from. In it, the players can fly freely in the sky, while their pets can personalize and possess additional effects and special skills. The game skillfully brings in familiar classic plots to let the player live through the unforgettable experience of the Monkey King causing havoc in the Heavenly Palace.

VERY COOL 1/6 Lady Dragon in the Moonlight (“Dou Zhan Shen” Series of Tencent Game) will come with Real like Head Sculpt with Rooted Hair, Pair of Dragon Horns, Super Flexible Stainless Steel Skeleton Seamless Body (Large Bust), Posing Hand x 8, Scarf with Embedded Wire on Edge, Genuine Leather Waist Strap, Genuine Leather Carved Surfaced Loin Cloth, Pair of Arm Sleeve, Pair of Arm Guards, Pair of Knee Guards, Pair of High Heels with Red Rope, Coat, Pants, Pair of Long Socks, Sword, Pair of Carved Surface Scabbard x 3, Dart x 4

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Note: Stone-Shaped Display Stand is not included in this figure set.
Display stand is separately available for purchase under the Product Code of VCF-2027.

Release Date: Q4, 2015

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