Tuesday, September 29, 2015

DAM TOYS 1/6th scale MindGame - The Gobi Squad - Black Eight - Frank Chambers (ZP001)

Synopsis of the MIND GAME
Human body modification prevails in 2050, and the global economic depression gives birth to a virtual reality game - the Mind Game. Since the game scene is too real and a player can win real money in the game, lots of people all over the world indulge in it in order to escape from the reality. The economy continues to fall, and the world collapses in the virtual economic bubbles. However, with a high degree of risk in this game, lots of players have been struck down in the over-real game scene. The physiological stimulation causes brain death or severe paralysis in many players in reality; hence, the boycott of Mind Game rises in different places. While the game servers are scattered, the cleaning operation (RWIB) does not have great effect.

Therefore, a civil organization - the GOBI team - is born. They are responsible for clearing up servers, cruel, but there is no other way. Of course, they also save some players who are forced into retention in the game. Most of the time they play the unlovable roles in the intricate relationship between the game organization and the labor union.

DAM TOYS 1/6th scale MindGame - The Gobi Squad - Black Eight - Frank Chambers (ZP001) features Real like head sculpt, Action body, White T-shirt, Tactical vest, Jacket with leather fringes, Waist bag x 2, Brown pants, Outdoor shoes, Boxing palm x4, Diesel engine-driven power fist x2, Diesel engine-driven helmet, Engine crank, Cooling can x 3, Protecting iron plate, Key chain, Towel, Diorama figure base

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