Thursday, September 24, 2015

DAM TOYS (GKS002) 2015EX Gangsters Kingdom - Side Story 1/6th Reyes 12-inch figure

Just like last year, after the unveiling of the STGCC Exclusive, Dam Toys would go on to reveal another Exhibition Exclusive for the follow-up CICF Exhibition in Guangzhou, China. This year the STGCC2015 Exclusive was Dam Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6th Spade 2 Nelson (Special Project) - see my toy blog post HERE, and it's followed up by this Gangsters Kingdom - Side Story 1/6th scale Reyes 12-inch figure. Last year's side story was 1/6th scale Saxon - check out my action figure review HERE.

Memory Article: Reyes
The best way to defeat the enemy is to destroy their potential of war

Diego Reyes, the Mexican, and his gang supported by the Hearts family, has been running drugs and human trafficking business across the border line. In recent years, most drugs and human trafficking shipment of the Heart family came into the States through this route.

DAM TOYS (GKS002) 2015EX Gangsters Kingdom - Side Story 1/6th scale Reyes 12-inch figure will come with Head sculpt, Action figure body, Black shirt, black vest, jeans, black belt, Desert Eagle pistol, dagger, Rolex watch, boots, gold necklace, interchangeable Palm x6

Reyes looks like a stylized Raymond Cruz, who as Tuco Salamanca, played a short-lived but well-known role as a violent and psychotic meth dealer in Breaking Bad in 2008 and 2009.

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Unknown said...

i remember him from alien resurrection.great movie.god saves the gangsters kingdom action figures line

Kaido said...

Love the figure, but hate that it's an exclusive! The scalpers are going to make the rest of us miserable.

alex teo said...

That's what I don't like about exclusives. Only the scalpers gain from them while genuine collectors suffer.