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Seen@STGCC2015 Part 5: Glitch Network Bone Head TestSubject, LimeBones and GodComplex

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Besides the other 1:6 scale figures featured at STGCC 2015 (shown in my previous toy blog post HERE), I found myself attracted to the display put up by Glitch Network.

Glitch Network has taken over where Foxbox Studios left off. Foxbox Studio came up with the concept of GodComplex and the premise that the Greek gods still exist and rule the world. In that vein, they created a whole world of Greek gods dressed to the nines in business suits operating in a modern world. And most recently GodComplex landed right at the heart of Singapore at this year's Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) 2015. More of GodComplex later in this toy blog post.

I want to bring your attention to the particular 12-inch figure posted. This is Glitch Network's Sixth Vision BoneHead Test Subject 56 1/6th scale collectible figure which comes with Authentic Test Subject 56 figure in 1/6th scale, 3 (three) pairs of interchangeable hands, custom Baseball bat with hidden blade (Die-cast), Mech Slayer and A5 size limited print. I quite like the overall look and feel.

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Also showcased: Glitch Network 1/6th scale BoneHead LimeBones 12-inch figure

This is the very first 1:6 scale GodComplex 12-inch figure by Foxbox Studio: Hermes. You can see my action figure review posted HERE, HERE and HERE.

1:6 scale GodComplex Hermes Psychopompus was released much later with 6 pieces of hand, 1 set of effect wings accessories, 1 electric ball accessory, 1 set of GLITCH EDS (Exclusive Display System)

1:6 scale GodComplex Hades 12-inch figure was the second figure in the line to be released. Review also posted on my toy blog HERE, HERE and HERE

Inari was next. According to wikipedia: Inari Ōkami (稲荷大神, also Oinari) is the Japanese kami (god) of foxes, of fertility, rice, tea and Sake, of agriculture and industry, of general prosperity and worldly success, and one of the principal kami of Shinto. So it only makes sense that Inari has the face of a fox. You can check out all the pictures of Foxbox Studio 1/6 scale God Complex: Inari 12-inch Collectible Figure HERE, HERE and HERE.

Next came Zeus with electric ball and bird accessories

GodComplex Tsukuyomi figure in 1/6th scale with 3 (three) pairs of interchangeable hands, 1 (one) set of die-cast Lunar daishō, 1 (one) GLITCH EDS (Exclusive Display System)

GodComplex Apollo figure in 1/6th scale with 3 (three) pairs of interchangeable hands, 1 (one) set of burst effect parts, 1 (one) GLITCH EDS (Exclusive Display System)

Horus, one of the most significant deities in ancient Egyptian religion, who was worshipped from at least the late Predynastic period through to Greco-Roman times.

Hephaestus was the Greek god of blacksmiths, sculptors, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes; thus, he is symbolised with a hammer, an anvil and a pair of tongs. Glitch Network certainly took a different direction with this Greek god.

There were some strange looking Easter rabbits on display as well. They looked rather rabid and hungry for blood of the violent kind.

NEXT: Other interesting stuff (urban vinyl toys and designer collectables that are not 1:6 scale) seen at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) 2015.

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