Monday, November 9, 2015

Check out Pew Pew Gun 1/6th scale Robotic Nude Body - Where can I get one? or two?

A Taiwan Company Pew Pew Gun is planning to release this 1/6th scale Robotic Nude Body. This 1/6th scale Robotic Nude Body Action Figure will be suitable for 1/6th scale fabric costume and accessories. And they will also release a series of their original 1/6th scale action figure character. At the same time, the character's comic story "YAO-GUAI" can be read on their blog site HERE.

All I want to know is: Where can I get this 1/6th scale Robotic Nude Body?!

For sure, this is not the first 1/6th scale robot body being produced but this is certainly one of the most robotic we have ever seen, not counting ThreeZero's 1/6th scale CHAPPiE 12-inch collectible robot figure (posted on my toy blog HERE). There's also the recently released Devil Toys War of Order Vol 1 - The Secret Master 1/6th Limited Edition Collectible Figure (which I recently acquired HERE and will be posting an action figure review soon)

The details on this latest offering is pretty amazing and you have to check out the finished product pictures posted below to see for yourself. This is great work in 1:6 scale and I'm really digging this a lot :)

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Kaido said...

It's cool! I haven't seen you post about them yet, I guess there is so much out there, but 1000toys makes a Synthetic Human figure as well that you may want to check out. I have every release from them so far!

Jason How said...

wow!!!!! last, someone making bots....real bots. This figure really remind me of the bots in the show 'Automata' self repairing bots.

tom said...

Hello Alex, this cyborg/robot body is great, but the natural body next to it is cool, too? Could you give me the name/brand/model of it? Any info on price/availability?

thank you, best regard from Poland!

alex teo said...

Hi Tom, I don't know which company produced the natural body used in the picture. I've lost track of how many types of nude bodies are out there and which company produces them. Hope someone else who reads and follows this blog can give you the answer. Cheers

humanbeingill said...

This is exactly what I'm into. 1000 Synthetic Humans came close but still very humanoid. Hope those pistons aren't just for show but functional as well. Can wait to know more.