Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Worldbox 1/6th scale Durable Body - AT007 “Totem Body” and AT008 “Hair Body” type

Worldbox seems to be going into the 1/6th scale market with a vengeance. They are now introducing two new 1/6th scale Durable Body types - AT007 “Totem Body” and AT008 “Hair Body”. The 1/6th scale durable body set specially features: Newly developed durable body, One pair of hands for holding gun. The whole body is painted; Body will use the 2.0 joint which will make them super durable.

They had previously introduced the Worldbox VT003 1/6th Durable Body which comes with narrow shoulder and seems rather ideal for kitbashing and holding good poses (see my toy blog post HERE). I'm waiting to receive mine so that I can do an action figure review. In the meantime, check out these two new bodies to be released by WorldBox.

This is the Worldbox 1/6th scale Durable Body - AT007 “Totem Body” which comes with a skull and bones "tattooed" / painted on the body. He certainly looks like he'll make a great villain for 12-inch James Bond. Check out my action figure review post HERE for comparison pictures of Brother Production Sky Fall MI6 Agent & ZCWO AB02 12-inch body with Asmus Toys 1/6 scale 007 The BOND suit.

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And this is the Worldbox 1/6th scale Durable Body - AT008 “Hair Body”. Hot Toys has already introduced a 1:6 scale hairy body type when they released their MMS103 1/6th scale Wolverine (with life-like head sculpt of Hugh Jackman) Limited Edition Collectible Figure from "X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)" back in 2010 - see my action figure review post HERE. Hot Toys called it the hirsute figure. Meaning of "hirsute" (from Latin hirsutus = shaggy, hairy) i.e. one very hairy person.

Release date: Q2, 2016

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