Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tinface Toys 1:6 scale Tinface: Cleveland (1st Son) 12-inch figure looks Ashley Wood inspired

Cleveland is one of a handful of super-enhanced mavericks called Tinface, originally of human descent. Planet Earth had been abandoned by mankind several centuries ago. The earthlings thereafter founded several colonies throughout the galaxy. Deployed from their duties, the Tinfaces led a life of misery among them, unstable minds and restless souls with almost unlimited powers.

The leaders of the colonies had therefore decided to deport the Tinfaces back to the old planet for a recon mission. But what they encountered there was far from being a deserted planet. As a matter of fact, the tattered celestial body had remained the habitat of verious kinds of mutated creatures and had moreover become a safe harbor for many stranded voyagers seeking a life below the colonial radars...

Cleveland (1st Son Version) features: Helmeted Head (non-detachable helmet), approximately 12 inch (30 cm) tall Fully Articulated Body, Army Green Vest with Argyle Pattern, Army Green Pants, 2 Pairs of Interchangeable Gloved Hands, Utility Belt with Functioning Pouches, Brown Heavy Duty Boots, Machete with Fabric Scabbard, Flamethrower “Bowfire-100”

This Tinface Toys 1:6 scale Tinface: Cleveland (1st Son) 12-inch figure certainly looks to be very much inspired by the Popbot series of graphic novels created by Ashley Wood which were made into 1:6 scale action figures in collaboration with ThreeZero (see my post HERE), of which I have reviewed some of them on my toy blog - see related posts links at the end of this blog post.

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Release date: Q1, 2016

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