Sunday, November 8, 2015

Coo Model introduces 1/4th scale Legend Series: Teutonic Reload Knight 57cm collectible figure

The question here is: Is BIGger necessarily better? Quite a few companies are releasing Quarter scale figures which are much larger in size than 1/6th scale figures. 1/4th scale figures are approximately 18 inches tall or 46 cm in height compared to 1/6th scale figures which are generally 12 inches in height or 30 cm tall. In many land scarce countries (Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore etc) where houses or apartments are not very big, space can be quite a constraint and display spaces are even more sort after. So having big figures eat into the coveted space reserved for displaying one's toys / figures isn't ideal which logically means that toy companies would be thinking of making the figures smaller so that an aspiring toy collector can afford to buy more for display and keep buying from the same company to grow the collection. Hasbro actually stopped making the original 12-inch G.I. Joe figures in 1976 and introduced the 3.75-inch (9.5 cm) scale figures instead in 1982, complete with vehicles, playsets etc. to stay in contention with a market that was leaning towards smaller sized action figures, all thanks to Star Wars.

Hasbro only began releasing new 12-inch (30 cm) G.I. Joe figures in 1991 and continued doing so for a while before quitting the 1/6th scale line completely. It was in 1999 that Dragon Models Limited (Dragon or DML for short), a Hong-Kong-based manufacturer introduced the 1:6 scale New Generation Life Action Figure series which were way better than what Hasbro ever offered and reignited the 1/6th scale hobby with a boom! The hobby of collecting 1:6 scale figures have not looked back since even though Dragon the company that started all this has gone quietly into the night, disappearing from the scene just like Hasbro did because newer players were offering much better stuff.

I've amassed quite a 1:6 scale figure collection since the days of Hasbro and Dragon. I actually bought vintage 12-inch Action Man figures back in 1995 because way back then there just weren't any 1:6 scale figure being made. It's great to see how large the market has grown and now we are just bombarded with so many choices and options that we get to pick and choose what we want. But do we really want 1:4 scale figures? For me personally, there's just no space for quarter scale figures because they are just too BIG! I like the variety available in 12-inch action figures and the size is just right for displaying and collecting.

Coo Model LS001 1/4th scale Legend Series: Teutonic Reload Knight 57cm tall collectible figure will come with Head, Figure body, Hand x 6, Long sleeved undershirt, Pants, boots, Fur Cap, Chainmill hood, Chainmill shirt, Helmet, Chest armour set, Arm armour, Leg armours, Hands in armour, Belt set x 2, Dagger and Double handed long sword. Materials used: Metal + ABS + PVC + Cloth. Coo Model has already previewed their 1:6 scale SE001 1/6th scale Empires Series: Teutonic Knight 12-inch action figure HERE and SE002 1/6th scale Empires Series: Order du Temple / Templar Knight 12-inch figure HERE

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Coo Model will also be releasing a HD001 1/4th scale Body-HD (18 inch) which will consists of: Body, Hand type x 7, Feet and Connector x 2. You can tell how much bigger 1:4 scale is compared to 1:6 from the two comparison pictures posted above and below. Certainly not my cup of tea.

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AK said...

I'd have to agree... 1/4th is a little too big. But props for using metal for most of the armor! Also, looks like a little "knight's tale Heath" in that head sculpt.