Friday, April 29, 2016

MOMTOYS 1:6 FEMALE CLOWN 12-inch Action Figure is Batman: Arkham Knight Harley Quinn

"You're gonna pay for letting Mistah J die!"

In "Batman: Arkham Knight", Harley Quinn and Batman's foes united with Scarecrow to destroy Batman, and she still blamed him for the Joker's death. Grief-stricken and vengeful, Harley brutally reasserted control of the Joker’s gang, which threatened to fragment after his death. Freed from the Joker’s domineering personality, Harley became a dangerous, and unpredictable new force in the Gotham City underworld.

MOMTOYS MOM-TS001 1:6 scale FEMALE CLOWN 12-inch Action Figure aka "Batman: Arkham Knight" Harley Quinn will come with: Arm Sleeves / Gloves X 1 Pair, Baseball Bat, 12-inch Female Body, Boots X 1 Pair, Dress, Hands X 4, Head Sculpt, Pants, Shirt

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The release date is approximately 3RD QTR 2016.

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