Sunday, April 17, 2016

How much would Darth Vader's suit cost?

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Darth Vader is arguably the most memorable character from the Star Wars universe, and his suit is one of the most iconic costumes in film history. But how much would that suit cost in real life?

Produced by Shade Station with information gleaned from a variety of sources, this Darth Vader infographic attempts to list the cost of the prosthetic legs and left arm as well as their maintenance plus heart and lung machine built into the suit to aid him in breathing. Darth Vader's helmet would have augmented reality functionality, similar to that of the mounted display of the F-35's helmet, giving him night vision capability as well as navigational capability and advanced targeting. As Imperial space fighter cockpits are nor pressurised, Vader's suit must be airtight and be able to withstand exposure to space. The base suit then would need to be similar to a NASA space suit, which makes him an astronaut as well.

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