Saturday, April 23, 2016

Spider-Man goes the way of the Samurai with Tamashii Nations‘ Manga Realization series

From Star Wars (see previous toy blog post) to Marvel superheroes...

Over the past year, Tamashii Nations‘ Movie Realization series for Star Wars has stormed onto toy shelves everywhere and made quite the impact, becoming one of the most sought-after lines in the collecting community. Tamashii’s bold interpretations and re-imagination took the Star Wars back to its original inspirations, and gave us some of the most unique and captivating Star Wars action figures ever. Now the Japanese company is turning its eye to comics (manga in Japanese), and putting heroes like Spider-Man through the same feudal era lens.

Reimagining MARVEL heroes starting with Samurai Spider-Man! Tamashii Nations take Spider-Man back to Feudal Japan in full, web-like Samurai warrior armor design.

Spider-Man comes with two blades, a few sets of hands (including web-shooting hands), and a grappling hook and line. There may not be a crazy amount of articulation in there, but Tamashii has included enough to get Spider-Man in some fun poses.

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The background kanji is 蜘蛛 ("kumo" = spider)

Samurai Spider-Man’s ninja kaginawa-style grappling web hook is crafted as chain-like firing mechanism.

The Manga Realization Spider-Man will be available this August in Japan.

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