Monday, April 25, 2016

Check out Threezero meets DEVILROBOTS Samurai TO-FU 15-inch tall Collectible Figure

Founded in 1997 in Tokyo, Devilrobots has displayed their work in exhibitions and festivals from Art Basel Miami, the Taipei Toy Festival, and Viacom Japan. Best known for their character To-Fu Oyako, Devilrobots helped define the era of designer toys. To-Fu Oyako - the name means "tofu family" - debuted 15 years ago as the winning entry in a Character King design competition. Drawn with appealing simplicity, the central figure is a wad of soft tofu with a square head, tiny red nose and a smile that suggests a jittery loneliness.

Samurai TO-FU collectible stands 15 inches / 37.5 cm tall; features highly detailed clothes (kimono, scarf and bamboo hat) and unique head sculpt; comes with following weapons: samurai sword, wakizashi and gun; five exchangeable hands. Samurai TO-FU is accompanied by Frog, who comes with cabinet and two pairs of exchangeable hands.

Samurai TO-FU collectible details: Fully pose-able and very detailed figure stands 15” (37.5cm) tall; Unique head sculpt; Bamboo hat; Five Exchangeable hands: one pair for holding swords, one right hand for holding gun, one pair of relaxed hands; Scarf and Kimono; Samurai Sword and Wakizashi; Gun; Highly-detailed clothes

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Frog comes with: Robe; Cabinet; Two Pairs of Exchangeable hands: straight and fisted; Necklace with the key.

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