Friday, April 29, 2016

Preview VERY COOL 1/6th scale Female Shooter Figure Black Version (Angelina Jolie?)

Not sure why but it seems there are 12-inch figure collectors out there who have a thing for this particular black female shooter because since Very Cool's offering of the shooter back in 2014 (check out the pictures on my toy blog post HERE), they are revisiting this female figure once again and are offering the VERY COOL (VCF-2029) 1/6th scale Female Shooter - Black Version again for the second time. The head sculpts are certainly getting better but me thinks she's too smiley for a female shooter.

VERY COOL (VCF-2029) 1/6th scale Female Shooter - Black Version will come with: Real Like Rooted Hair Head Sculpt, VC 3.0 Large Bust Female Body (Soft Breasts), Sunglasses, Wrist Watch, Black Beanie Hat, Top (Black), Tactical Pants (Black), PVC Knee Pads, Waist Belt, Military Boots, Badge Magic Stick, M4 Assault Rifle with M4 Grab Handle and M4 Flashlight plus M4 Rifle Telescope, P226 Pistol, Pistol Mag, Pistol Holster, Climbing Buckle, Earphone + Intercom, Infantry Pack, GP Pouch, Cartridge Recycling Bag, Three (3) Pair of Hands, Gloved Hands (3)

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Expected Release Date: Q3 2016

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