Monday, September 26, 2016

Coreplay 1/6th scale Deepblur Diver and Deepblur PhaseDiver 12-inch female figures

Also coming soon from Coreplay... (see the previous toy blog post HERE)

Astronauts and Aquanauts intrique me. One goes up into deep space while the other goes down into the deep sea. Both have to put on quite a bit of equipment in order to stay alive in the hostile environment where there is a lack of breathable oxygen. The suits even look almost similar with a helmet that goes over the head and connects to the suit which provides oxygen to breathe and dispels the harmful carbon dioxide. So this 1/6th scale Deep Blur Diver by Coreplay certainly got my attention.

Coreplay 1/6th scale Deepblur Diver 12-inch female figure will come with High-speed diving device, diver Noxa, leg stabilizing device and oxygen bottle. I'm more inclined towards the Phase Diver version (all white with clean lines) as I find the design more appealing - see the pictures posted below in this toy blog post. The all-white diver reminds me of Urika Gagarin (Moon Girl) from the ZMDC series from many years back. You can check out the 12-inch female action figure review posted on my toy blog HERE.

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Coreplay 1/6th scale Deep Blur Phase Diver (all white version)

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Kaido said...

Also reminds me of 3A's Lasstraunaut figure. Even the font sort of reminds me of Ashley Wood's writing. It's pretty cool!