Friday, September 23, 2016

VortexToys V00010 YEW Series 1/12th scale Max Will (post-apocalyptic) 6-inch action figure

The World:
Many years after the fall of YEW, the threat of the death still looms. In order to survive, resources and land must be fought for. The dusts of war plagued the sky, and has yet to dissipate. We must survive by any means necessary. – Survivor's Log

In the year 2045, a small comet fell on Earth. Within the same year a significant amount of viral infections plagued the planet. Scientists discovered a strange virus that should never have seen the light of day and any object could be the infection media. Such a virus would spread exponentially at rapid speeds and cause chaos. After many years of research, there is no known vaccine or treatment to slow the spread.

The Story of The Impartial Will:
Just like all the other tragic souls that were born on this wasteland, Max Will's life is one mystery and betrayal. His scornful past and the desire to survive has turned him into a destructive weapon. Due to a punctured lung from the scorns of war, Max dons a customised, high pressure respirator to assist him in breathing in order to regain agility and strength in battles. The sight alone of Max in his mask, strikes terrors into the hearts of his foe. He is known by mercenaries and gang overlords of the underworld as "The Impartial Will."

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VortexToys V00010 YEW Series 1/12th Scale Max Will Action Figure Includes: Impartial Will Head Sculpt, Old Impartial Will Head Sculpt, 1/12th Scale (6-Inch) body, high quality military coat, hoodie, combat trousers, combat boots, Three (3) pairs of interchangeable hands, arm bag, tactical drop leg bag, revolver, axe, machete, plasma rifle

Bike and Bot not included :( used for modelling purposes

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