Sunday, September 25, 2016

Coreplay 1/6th scale Fitness2 12-inch action body - alternative female body for kitbashing

Coreplay first previewed their Fitness Body in June 2016 - check out the toy blog post HERE

According to Coreplay; "2.0 design is more same with 1.0,but there has some different in 2.0. The head make up will better,and there will no different color between face and body (1.0 has a little different color between face and body)."

There's also talk that Coreplay could be OE (Original Effect) re-organized under a new brand name since OE has mysteriously disappeared from the 1/6th scene after coming out pretty strong. Both the female head sculpts of Coreplay and OE are very anime inspired plus the visual styles appear identical in execution. I have some of the OE female figures and I quite like them. You can check out some comparison pictures of OE Killer Instinct Righter with Sam, Princess Jun, Vis Eris, Raiden & Boom posted on my toy blog HERE

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evilkudos said...

I've been wondering what happened to OE too: their last few releases (candy/ Zhou Yu) were fantastic!