Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Preview pics of ThreeZero 1/6th Berserk Skull Knight 14-inch (35.5 cm) tall collectible figure

Skull Knight (髑髏の騎士 Dokuro no Kishi) is an enigmatic figure and a self-proclaimed "foe of the Inhumans". As an 1000-year-old being, he has vast knowledge of events surrounding the Berserk world and seems to be able to predict fate's next move. He has saved Guts several times over the course of his journey and also seems to manipulate events around Guts for his own purpose of revenge.

Skull Knight is a large, domineering figure covered entirely in skeletal armor, with glowing yellow eye sockets and spikes adorning his shoulders and head. He has a dark, flowing cape situated on his back, which covers his upper arms and runs down to his lower legs. He bears a sword with many spikes along its edge, along with a shield with a thorned rose emblem. The horse he rides has a similar skeletal composition, adorned with its own breastplate bearing the figure of a naked woman's head and torso.

From ThreeZero:
1/6th scale Skull Knight collectible has been in development for a while, and today we are enthusiastic to share our work with you all. Berserk Skull Knight stands at 14 inches / 35.5 cm tall, features highly detailed and fully articulated armor and LED light-up eyes (batteries not included). The skull armor features a realistic metallic paint application with a black wired cape. Accessories include the Skull Knight’s shield with rose detail, the Sword of Thorns, and six exchangeable hands: 1 pair of fists, and 3 gripped hands, and 1 open palm clawed hand.

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ThreeZero 1/6th scale Berserk Skull Knight Collectible Details: Skull Knight stands at 14 inches / 35.5 cm; Detailed and Fully-Articulated Skull Armor; Head with LED light-up eyes (3 x AG1 batteries needed for the feature and not included); Comes with Six Exchangeable Hands: 2 fists (1 right, 1 left), 3 grip hands (2 right, 1 left) and 1 claw hand (right); Black Cape with wire; Shield with rose detail; Sword of Thorns.

Threezero Store Exclusive: Sword of Actuation

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