Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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A letter from the frontline:

War of Order: Black Bear Bone (Side Chapter)

B3 is our company, we use that for short but technically we’re the Black Bear Bone’s. We are the last line of air defense for Taipei and most of the Pacific Ocean’s territories. After the nuclear strike in New York City, things have not been the same.

There have been various terrorist cells and insurgencies that rose after NYC; the coastal pirates have become more arrogant; some men have even become despotic kings of their own turfs. There are many countries that are having these ‘problems’ with national defense. Our business is booming though. Our new SP-077 Sharp Teeth rockets are a plus, but it is the Tech that I love. We got outfitted with a new Fly-Style tactical helmet — Someone higher up must think this job is important.

Our captain is half native to this place, Taiwan. Seems his mother was a native here, so he has always liked the island. Cap says that it feels like home to him. One night, during one of the more drink-laden parties, our captain got to telling us the origin of the Black Bear Bone logo; seems that it is a totemic animal for Taiwan. The Taiwanese black bear is a patron saint from their mountains, it protected the native Taiwanese from evil spirits.

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I don’t know if any of that hocus is true or not, what I do know is that we are fierce, powerful, and we still have a full team even after 17 missions. Maybe there is a bear spirit protecting us.

We’ve received intelligence that some of the pirate incursions are actually Russian ops missions in disguise. Sneaky bastards! It seems like this defense mission in Taiwan may be a tough battle; too bad they’re up against us, the Black Bear Bone’s.

Cpl. Dante Hixon
Second Defense Line, Mobile Heavy Ops
Black Bear Bone. Unit #14

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