Monday, October 3, 2016

Studio Sundowner "Advent of Marvelous League" #2 Kinnara 1:6 scale zodiac fantasy 12" figure

Studio Sundowner new series of creation, Advent of Marvelous League, is inspired by the Chinese Zodiac. Fusing mythology, religion, and sci-fi elements, these form the background of this story in order to create a future world located nowhere.

General Kinnara – the guardian god of yin (3:00-5:00am). With a yellow body, he appears to be angry. Wearing a tiger pattern hat, he holds a precious stick in his hand, according to historic documents.

Kinnara is careful person, with a strong sense of responsibility. Good at close combat, his major weapon was a pair of tiger paws and a pair of vajra pestles. Different from the guardian god of Antira, who was passionate and helpful, Kinnara felt nothing towards people and found their behavior foolish for destroying themselves by starting nuclear wars. However, due to his strong sense of mission, he put his prejudices aside and stepped onto the road to conquer.

When it comes to the Chinese Zodiac, most companies start with the Monkey but Studio Sundowner decides to go with the Tiger. An interesting choice nonetheless.

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Shipping Q1, 2017

This figure would certainly go hand-in-hand with the GodComplex 12-inch figures originally released by Foxbox Studio. See the toy blog posts HERE and HERE for pictures.

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Kaido said...

Yeah, these look really darn nice - I'm impressed by the detail and paint and I am liking the concept too.