Thursday, October 20, 2016

PHICEN Limited PL2016-M34 1/6th scale Super-Flexible Male Seamless Body (Very Muscular)

Here comes a new member, PL2016-M34, Phicen's 5th. 1:6 scale seamless male figure body with stainless steel skeleton after its four seniors: PL2015-M30 (reviewed on my toy blog HERE), PL2016-M31 (action figure review HERE with comparison pictures HERE), PL2016-M32 (previewed HERE) and PL2016-M33 (prototype pics HERE), all of which are excellent bodies with superb articulation and flexibility.

This latest Phicen male seamless body, PL2016-M34 stands 31cm, has the physique of an excellent body builder, being muscular in a very well-proportioned way, from its massive and bulging muscles, you feel its potent strength is eagerly waiting to be let out. Check out the pics to see and feel that for yourselves.

If you’re new to Phicen's 1:6 scale seamless male figure body series, below is the basic info for you to get started: PL2015-M30: very muscular, slightly shorter than the following models; PL2016-M31: quite muscular, tall; PL2016-M32: physique typical of Asian men, slim with very tight muscles; PL2016-M33: very muscular, tall.

Similarities they share: Boasting human-like skin texture, and being super flexible, posable and durable. All enjoy great popularity with clients all over the world.

These products include NO head sculpt.
They all come in suntan, the skin tone matches that of most head sculpts from other mainstream 1:6 scale action figure companies.

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PHICEN Limited PL2016-M34 1/6th scale Super-Flexible Male Seamless Body (Very Muscular) Parts List: M34 male super flexible seamless body with metal skeleton, interchangeable hands x 6 pcs / 3 pairs, removable flat-heeled feet, shorts, wrist band, ankle band, Male genitalia x 5 pcs

Check out the upper body especially the pecs, though it seems he skipped leg day a few times. The legs are made thinner so that you can actualyl give the figure proper pants, because I dont think you could have that body wear normal pants if it would have ultra muscular legs.

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Wow! This is Amazing! I can only imagine what figures will look like aesthetically in 10-15 years.