Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Studio Sundowner "Advent of Marvelous League" General Antira 1:6 scale zodiac fantasy 12" figure

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After WWIII, human civilization grows after a nuclear blast. Only 0.1% of the world’s population survived the holocaust. Many souls are unable to revive by entering the wheel of fortune, wandering between the spiritual world and our world. The spirits with a strong desire possess other people or an animal’s body, and even machines. They are called as “Armageddon-Atman”. These unstable and violent forms will become the nightmare and disasters of Armageddon.

The twelve Heavenly Generals or yaksha have different personalities. Some of them are fierce and some benign. Each of these twelve generals has seven thousand soldiers and dependents, and eighty-four hundred dharma mates. The twelve Heavenly Generals are divided into twelve earthly branches or twelve animal signs. They guard this world in turn 12 hours through days and nights, and the four seasons in twelve months (ancient classic).

General Antira – the guardian god of the hours of shen (3-5 pm). Passionate and energetic, he was a kind of action person. Good at close combat his major weapon was a subduing demon pestle. In the battles between gods and demons in the remote past, he was a comrade of Kinnara and a close friend of Pajra. At that time, they reanimated in this world with the summoning of the Psionic Association. They vowed to annihilate all “Armageddon-Atman” in this world.

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This figure would certainly go hand-in-hand with the GodComplex 12-inch figures originally released by Foxbox Studio. See the toy blog posts HERE and HERE for pictures.

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