Saturday, November 19, 2016

CAT Toys Female Character Outfit & Head Sculpt Set aka 1:6 World of Warcracft Sally Whitemane

In World of Warcracft, Sally Whitemane is a level 40 elite human boss found in the Scarlet Monastery's Cathedral. The High Inquisitor, a priestess of the Light, led the activities in the Scarlet Monastery until her death. With the return of the Burning Legion, Whitemane is resurrected as a death knight of the Ebon Blade.

CAT Toys Female Character Outfit & Head Sculpt Set Features: Female head sculpt, One-piece leotard clothing, Shoulder armor, Forearm armor, Arm sleeve with hand armor attached, Bicep straps, Shin armor, Thigh straps, Crown with ruby jewel, Staff weapon with ruby jewels, Boots (Designed for a bare arched foot), Packaging. NOTE: Pale large bust seamless body and hands not included.

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