Friday, November 18, 2016

Enterbay Real Masterpiece Series 1/6th scale “A Better Tomorrow” Mark Lee 12-inch action figure

A Better Tomorrow (Chinese: 英雄本色) is a 1986 Hong Kong 'heroic bloodshed' crime film directed by John Woo and starring Ti Lung, Leslie Cheung and Chow Yun-fat. The film had a profound influence on the Hong Kong film-making industry, and later on an international scale.

Although Ti Lung was the film's lead actor, co-star Chow Yun-fat's breakout performance out-shined him, solidifying the latter's status as one of the top superstars in the Hong Kong film industry. Chow's character "Mark Gor" was imitated by many fans even decades after the film's release.

Enterbay Real Masterpiece Series 1/6th scale “A Better Tomorrow” Mark Lee 12-inch figure Features: 2 newly developed head sculpt (classic and battle-damaged) with authentic and detailed likeness of Chow Yun-fat as Mark based on classic movie “A Better Tomorrow”, Detailed wrinkles and skin texture, Head sculpt(s) are hand-painted with "multi-layer" paint application. Special developed action body with more than 30 points of articulations which easily represent Mark’s signature poses

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Authentic costumes include: A black long coat with suit set, vest & formal shoe. A blue long coat with grey worker wear & boots plus leg support X 1. Newly developed Mark’s signature interchangeable hands X 7.

Accessories: Sun Glasses, Cigarette x 2, Matches x 2, Bank notes x 1 pack, M92F pistol, HI-POWER pistol, Vintage cell phone, Magnetic tape, Foldable metal trolley, Big & small water bucket with towel, Figurine stand, Double side-printed diorama cardboard X 1

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