Saturday, November 5, 2016

DID 1/6th U.S. Army 2nd Armored Division Military Police "BRYAN" figure aka Ross Geller

The 2nd Armored Division ("Hell on Wheels") was an armored division of the United States Army. The 2nd Armored Division was formed at Fort Benning, Georgia on 15 July 1940. It was originally commanded by Major General Charles L. Scott, with Colonel George S. Patton in charge of training. Scott was promoted to command the I Armored Corps in November of that year, which put Patton, now a brigadier general, in command of the division. The division played an important role during World War II in the invasions of North Africa and Sicily and the liberation of France, Belgium, and the Netherlands and the invasion of Germany.

Military police (MP) are law enforcement agencies connected with, or part of, the military of a state. The status of military police is usually prominently displayed on the helmet and/or on an armband, brassard, or arm or shoulder flash.

DID 1/6th scale U.S. Army 2nd Armored Division Military Police "BRYAN" figure Features: Head Sculpt, Male Figure Body, Hand Assortment, M41 field jacket, Pants, Shirt, Scarf, Tie, Pistol Belt, X Harness, M43 buckle boots (genuine leather), Thompson M1 SMG, Thompson magazines x3, M1911 pistol with magazine, Bayonet with sheath, EE8-A Field Radio with leather case, Baton, Whistle with chain, MP helmet, Flashlight, Pistol holster (made of leather), Thompson 5-pocket ammunition pouch, M1911 mag pouch, Goggles, Sunglasses, Canteen with cover, First Aid pouch, Insignia. NOTE: Motorcycle not included (display only)

The head sculpt has an incredible likeness to David Schwimmer who played Ross Geller in the NBC sitcom Friends. He also played Captain Herbert M. Sobel in Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks' HBO World War II miniseries Band of Brothers, a role not suited for him due to the fact that as Ross Geller, David Schwimmer was a fan favorite and Captain Herbert M. Sobel wasn't popular for his hard and cruel ways.

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