Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hot Toys "Iron Man 3" 1/6th scale Die-cast Iron Patriot 12-inch Figure in Superhero Landing Pose

Blogging has its privileges :)

One of the wonderful privileges of having a toy blog is that by putting yourself out there, you get like-minded people who share the same passion reaching out to you from across the globe and they care enough to point out things you missed out or have erred in some way. Just this week, Leonard Leslie Pujiono reached out and told me that in my action figure review of the Hot Toys MMS195-D01 "Iron Man 3" 1/6th scale Die-cast Iron Patriot 12-inch Collectible Action Figure, I had said that the Iron Patriot 12-inch Collectible Action Figure was unable to achieve the famous superhero landing pose (see the entry HERE). He even sent me beautifully taken pictures of Hot Toys Iron Patriot in the landing pose which are now shared here with his kind permission for all to admire and enjoy.

Seeing the Iron Patriot figure in this pose also confirms that the recently released and reviewed Hot Toys MMS300-D11 Movie Masterpiece Series Die-cast "Avengers: Age of Ultron" 1/6th scale Iron Man Mark XLV Collectible Figure (see the action figure review post HERE, HERE and HERE) should be able to achieve this same landing pose as well as both die-cast Iron Man figures have the same basic construction and body type with clever engineering to allow for more flexibility in posing. This is the closest I think both Iron suits can come to the famous superhero landing pose which can be seen in almost all of the superhero films these days. It is almost mandatory that the producers include a superhero landing pose in at least one scene in any superhero movie.

Coming back to this Hot Toys Iron Patriot landing pose. In most angles (especially from the right side), the pose is perfect except when seen from the front or left side - scroll down to see the pics which are beautifully taken. In my humble opinion, I find that the left leg is too much to the side which wouldn't have been able to absorb the impact of the landing. Ideally (for me), the left leg should be more to the front and closer to the body with the body a little hunched up and compacted - see pictures HERE of the Phicen Limited 1:6 scale Super-Flexible 12-inch Male Seamless Body to have an idea of what I mean. But hey, that's just OCD me. This is as good as it gets :) Once again, a BIG Thank You to Leonard Leslie Pujiono for the awesome and stunning pics.

Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.
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Nice! Always liked the Iron Patriot armor livery