Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dam Toys History Series 1/6th scale Vietnam War U.S. Marine (Tet Offensive, 1968) 12" figure

The Tet Offensive was one of the largest military campaigns of the Vietnam War, launched on January 30, 1968, by forces of the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese People's Army of Vietnam against the forces of the South Vietnamese Army of the Republic of Vietnam, the United States Armed Forces, and their allies. It was a campaign of surprise attacks against military and civilian command and control centers throughout South Vietnam. The name of the offensive comes from the Tết holiday, the Vietnamese New Year, when the first major attacks took place.

Though initial attacks stunned both the US and South Vietnamese armies, causing them to temporarily lose control of several cities, they quickly regrouped, beat back the attacks, and inflicted heavy casualties on North Vietnamese forces. In the 1987 British-American war film "Full Metal Jacket" directed and produced by Stanley Kubrick, the storyline follows a platoon of U.S. Marines through their training and the experiences of two of the platoon's Marines in the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War. Adam Baldwin stars as "Animal Mother", an M60 machine gunner. The M60 later served in the Vietnam War as a squad automatic weapon with many U.S. units. Every soldier in the rifle squad would carry an additional 200 linked rounds of ammunition for the M60, a spare barrel, or both. During the Vietnam War, the M60 received the nickname "The Pig" due to its bulky size.

Dam Toys No.78038 History Series 1/6th scale Vietnam War U.S. Marine (Tet Offensive, 1968) 12-inch figure Parts list: Head sculpt, Dam 3.0 Action Body (With Muscle Arm), Hands For Holding Weapon X5, M1 Helmet, Mitchell Pattern Helmet Cover, T-Shirt, 2Nd Pattern OG 107 Pants, Trouser Belt, USMC M1955 Flack Vest, 3Rd Pattern Jungle Boots, M1956 Belt, USMC Jungle First Aid Kit Pouch, M1911A1 Pistol, M1911A1 .45 Mag X2, M1911A1 .45 Mag Pouch, M1916 Leather Pistol Holster, USMC Ka-Bar Knife, Leather Sheath, 1 Quart Canteen X3, M1944 Canteens Pouch X2, M17A1 Gas Mask, Gas Mask Bag, ARVN Rucksack, Nylon Poncho, M18 Smoke Grenade X2, INCHN TH Grenade, M26 Grenade X3, Carabineer, Watch, Insect Repellent, Toothbrush, Weapons Oil, Cigarette Pack X2, Smoking Cigarette, M60 Machine Gun, M60 7.62mm Linked Ammo (Metal), M60 7.62Mm Linked Ammo Belt X3, M60 Cloth, Ammo Bandoleer With Ammo

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