Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Devil Toys War of Order: Vol 02 - The Perfect Master 1/6 scale collectible figure preview pics

The Perfect Master - Perfect Imperfections

Strange, right? I volunteered to be a guinea pig for Project Solomon so I can perfect my backswing; some would say sniping. Now though, I really hate the sound each bulletfall makes. It reminds me of those piano notes I got wrong as a little Kalanchà, the beat would shift and it would tear through my head painfully.

I began in the National Yugoslavian Music school but was soon expelled for violence. I joined the army, like most of the nowhere children. It was there that I fell in love for the first time; she was an ОРСИС Т-5000 bolt-action sniper rifle. With her by my side I became an ace marksman in the military. My first kill in duty showed me that sniping was an art form. I worked years at it, beat every record, surpassed all others; I became the best, but it was not enough. I crave the challenge and a better enemy; my own Bobby Fisher.

Solomon gave me strength: triple my visual capacity, direct computer support, weather, wind direction, even data on lunar gravitational shifts. This is real perfection! To get further than this would mean I sold my soul to the devil; a fair bargain!

My latest task is to track Secret Master (one of their highest assets), he is being unruly and i've been greenlit for use of deadly force if need be. That golden boy took my spot at the top, I think that it is time to show that Svòloch some revenge.

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War of Order: Vol 02 - The Perfect Master 1/6 scale collectible figures will be open for pre-order on Feb 8, 2017 only at (HK time 11:00AM) at USD 165 (HK/TW/CN) / USD 180(international). Shipping Fee is included. The add-on Providence Commander Costume is USD 25

Estimated delivery: JUNE 2017.

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