Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sideshow Collectibles 1/4th scale Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Premium Format™ Figure


Sideshow Collectibles are proud to unveil an exciting first glimpse of our Wonder Woman Premium Format™ Figure! This collectible is inspired by the appearance of the Amazonian Warrior Princess in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and will feature a portrait of actress Gal Gadot with sculpted hair and tiara.

She is dressed in a ribbed leather cuirass/corset in red and gold which features stylized versions of her signature golden eagle and double ‘W’ insignia. Her layered Hoplite-inspired “battle skirt” gives a nod to her Greek warrior lineage while also giving her the freedom of motion to fight.

A leather-effect harness is slung over her shoulder and wrapped around her waist, carrying her fabled gold braided Lasso of Truth.


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Layered red and gold knee pads and shin guards protect her lower legs, with ridged metal running down to her much talked-about heeled sandals!

Intricately detailed steel and leather-effect vambraces protect her forearms, while leather wraps on her hands give her a firm purchase on her sword in the heat of battle!

Wonder Woman’s double edged broadsword has also been recreated with great accuracy, from the mystic runes inscribed on the blade to the little intricate details of the handle, guard, and pommel.

The Sideshow Exclusive variant also features a replaceable left hand holding an incredibly detailed and weathered Amazonian shield.

Made from polystone (with a metal sword) this truly impressive Premium Format™ Figure is sure to be an eye-catching focal point for any collection, and – when displayed alongside our Batman or Armored Batman Premium Format™ Figures – it will be a proud addition to our lineup of DC Comics Premium Format™ Figures.


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