Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sideshow presents 1/6th scale Marvel Comics Matt Murdock Daredevil 12-inch collectible figure


Sideshow presents their interpretation of one of our most beloved Marvel Comics characters. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen – Daredevil! Blinded by a mysterious radioactive substance, Matt Murdock discovered that his remaining senses were heightened to superhuman levels.

Sideshow took inspiration for the figure from the classic comic-book Daredevil, dressed head to toe in red with his horned cowl and twin “D” logo on his chest, and then added design motifs from his relatively short-lived Armored suit from the 90’s – while always being mindful not to break up his streamlined silhouette.

The aim from the outset was to create an original design that pays homage to the Daredevil we know and love from the comic books, while bringing a new twist to a classic character.

This quickly became a passion project for Sideshow's team, and they took every opportunity to add additional “Easter eggs” and symbolism to the design of his tailored fabric and leather-effect costume.

Sideshow Artist, Walter O’Neil said: “Since Matt Murdock’s faith is very much at the heart of who he is, we wanted to try to incorporate some elements of his religion into the suit in very subtle ways. For example, the collar of his suit has a square cut-out in the center to give the impression of an inverted priest’s collar”.


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“Inspired by the kneepads of the 90’s armored suit, we created metallic block-shaped design elements with an implied cross-shape that we then repeated throughout the suit. The idea being that we permanently incorporate some of the wrought iron elements of church cathedrals – that we generally associate with Daredevil’s environment – directly into his suit design”.

“Beneath his feet, another cross shape is formed by the negative space in the tread of his boots. There’s also a spade ‘devil tail’ incorporated into the design of his billy club holster that helps further the heaven / hell dynamic”.

Sideshow Collectibles Daredevil Sixth Scale Figure specially features: detailed masked portrait of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen; Red fabric and leather-like costume with iconic DD on the chest; Sculpted baton holder; Sculpted elbow and knee protectors; Billy clubs with interchangeable parts for multiple display options: Dual billy clubs, Billy club staff, Billy club nunchucks; One (1) pair of sculpted boots; Four (4) pairs of hands: set of fists, set of straight grip hands, set of angled grip hands, set of gesture hands. Sideshow Exclusive: transforming walking stick / billy clubs (see pics below)

The Sideshow Exclusive variant for this Sixth Scale Figure includes a cane (used by Matt Murdock as part of his lawyer persona) that can be modified to become part of his arsenal of combative tools.


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