Sunday, February 5, 2017

Review 1: Pew Pew Gun 1/6th scale PINYIKE Robotic Nude Body Combat Type (White version)

This was part of my January 2017 haul posted earlier on my toy blog HERE

I am always fascinated with new 1/6th scale 12-inch figure bodies because a lot of improvements have been made for 12-inch figure articulation since the first 12-inch action figure was introduced to the world, and that was G.I. Joe way back in 1964. I've posted a few entries comparing various 12-inch action figure bodies - check out the posts HERE and HERE - as well as action figure reviews of the Phicen Limited 1:6 scale Super-Flexible 12-inch Male Seamless Body (PL2015-M30 posted HERE and PL2015-M31 HERE and HERE). Then there are the 1/6th scale humanoid body types, 12-inch robotic figures that look like humans e.g. RoboCop (lots of posts HERE), Devil Toys War of Order Vol. 1 - The Secret Master reviewed HERE and HERE, CHAPPiE (previewed HERE) and the recently re-released 1000toys TOA Heavy Industries 1/6th scale Synthetic Human 12-inch action figure (pics posted HERE and HERE)

This latest 12-inch figure released by Pew Pew Gun is more robot than human which is pretty cool as it has all the human aspects in terms of articulation and movement. Tony Stark built new armored drones named Iron Legion to assist the Avengers during their missions in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron film (Hot Toys 12-inch version previewed HERE) and lots of robots were seen in the films I, Robot (2004), Total Recall (2012) and Elysium (2013) as well.

Not much background is given for this figure other than the fact that this robot is the property of a company called PIYIU Corp. and it runs on an energy capsule inserted from the back.

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Packaging is simple with the robot figure placed in a tray with a window display and some technical specifications regarding the robot displayed on a flap.

The Pew Pew Gun 1/6th scale Pinyike Robotic Nude Body Combat Type (White) stands at 12.4 inches (31.5 cm) tall and features over 36 points of articulation (not including articulated fingers). It also has a light-up LED function head (Requires AG1 X 3 Button Cell Batteries for light-up LED function, batteries not included), helmet / mask with full face visor, robot hands with articulated fingers x2, interchangeable hands x4, energy capsule, figure stand and ankle pegs / adaptors that allow the robot to wear boots / shoes (not included).

Here's my salute to Pew Pew Gun for coming up with this 1/6th scale Pinyike Robotic Nude Body (Combat Type). Love the look and design of this from day one when this robot figure was teased (posted HERE way back in 2015). I really like how articulated this robot figure is. Most of the white armor parts can be removed and although this figure also comes in the all black version, I liked the contrast of the white and black parts more.

Check out the close-up shots taken of the Pinyike Robotic Nude Body 1/6th scale head

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humanbeingill said...

You have a great eye for posing, very natural. This figure looks good!

alex teo said...

Thanks :) lovin this figure too

Jason How said...

Minor complain....head can't tilt up or down.....over all....I give 8/10. Please correct me if I am writing g :)

alex teo said...

Thanks for the comment, Jason :) always helpful if someone else is reading this review. Cheers

Alexander said...

Does the head come off? Possible to swap in a different head?