Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Soldier Story 160th SOAR "Nightstalkers" Pilot Todd McDunn PREVIEW

Soldier Story and Cal-Tek USA jointly announce their 1:6 scale 12-inch 160th SOAR “Night Stalkers” Pilot Action Figure. Soldier Story and Cal-Tek USA are proud to announce the latest figure in their modern forces line up: 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) “Night Stalkers” Pilot CW4 Todd McDunn. This elite unit is tasked with providing aviation support to US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) forces such as US Army Special Forces, US Navy SEALS, US Army Rangers and other elite Special Operations Forces.

The Night Stalkers are a notoriously secretive unit and producing an accurate 1/6th figure has always proven to be a near impossible task. Many of the pictures that surface on the internet are either not in fact 160th members, or pictures of now outdated equipment.

When I first saw 1:1 scale pictures of these 160th SOAR members (see pictures below), I could only dream that one day someone would produce them in 1:6 scale.

That day has COME ;>

With assistance from Monkey Depot, Soldier Story and Cal Tek have worked with a real 160th pilot Chief Warrant Officer Todd McDunn who is now head of aircrew systems for Eagle Industries in the development of this complex figure.

Eagle Industries supplies the tactical nylon gear to the Night Stalkers and CWO McDunn is in the unique position of not only having served in the 160th, but have access to the ‘latest and greatest’ upcoming gear allowing Soldier Story to have unprecedented access to the gear load out of a 160th pilot. In addition, this is the only action figure produced to have the approval to use the official Night Stalkers insignia and be approved by the unit.

The 160th SOAR “Night Stalkers” Todd McDunn figure is loaded with accurate equipment and features the new Eagle CIACS 6 aviation body armor. This amazing figure will be available at all authorized Soldier Story retailers in January 2011.

Most aircrews carry rifles and sidearms in case of being shot down in enemy territory now, they are all equipped for the worst case scenario. This 1/6 scale pilot is based off a real pilot of the 160th SOAR with current 160th SOAR gear. After Somalia, the 160th revised its aircrew equipment. SOAR pilots now fly fully armored and armed with an M4. They also have extensive small arms training. The fight does not end if the bird goes down.

This is an AWESOME and STUNNING figure. Imagine him dressed in all BLACK! It'll totally blow your mind. Me think this is the BEST MILITARY figure of 2010 (although it won't be available until January 2011 - well, it'll be a GREAT start to the new year then) and I am so getting this :p---- (lots of drool)

The HGU-56 helmet has been engineered based on an actual helmet and includes the smallest details never before produced in 1/6th scale.

The helmet has dual visors. Underneath this visor is a clear visor

The M4 this Soldier Story 160th SOAR "Nightstalkers" Pilot is equipped with is the BEST by far, with alternate optic sights and true to scale accurately reproduced 1/6 scale parts

The wire even plugs into the handle / fore-grip and you don't have to tape it down. Fantastic details all round.

Additional comments from a USAF helicopter aircrew:
"I'm USAF helicopter aircrew and I can that is the most accurate aircrew equipment being released for a figure with great detail. The helmet and face guard are sick!!! This guy could pass for me minus the ACU two piece flight suit.

The figure could pass as a Pilot or an enlisted Crew Chief (Army); or Flight Engineer (USAF) by swapping with a Desert flight suit. Most likely enlisted guy though. I only mention this because the figure comes with a retention lanyard (aka monkey-tail) that the enlisted guys wear so they don't fall out of the helicopter with they're clearing the helo.

The HEEDs bottle and the LPU are really cool but you don't have to wear them in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, because you're not over open water where you can't autorotate to dry land (then just useless weight weighing you down). Then the subload on the thigh is just dependent on the Aircrew member because it is cramped in the helo and you want to move as freely as you can. Plus, a pilot wouldn't have it on his left leg (if at all). Because pilots operate the collective with their left hand that increases engine torque and blade pitch, and you don't want any equipment attached to you blocking it."

You can check out Monkey Depot's site HERE to order or view a lot more pictures


laME boy said...

Looks good :)

matt said...

oO the hgu-56/p is freaking cool man!! comes with the Maxillofacial shield(MFS) to cover the mouth and that makes the whole helmet look awesome!!

ethan said...

If only the HS has someone more recognizable :) But overall, it's a cool looking figure. Already my X'mas wishlist.

alex teo said...

hey matt, I'm just as excited about this figure as you are - rarely do we see so much effort put into such a rare topic although a very well deserved one. And to have such current and updated equipment is such a BIG PLUS :)

hi ethan, me thinks the HS doesn't really matter coz mine will always be hidden under the helmet, visor and mask haha This is really a very COOL figure! a MUST HAVE for me

ethan said...

alex, yeah also. Never thought of that ...lol.

Worst case, would just grap Tom Cruise HS from ebay and park it under the hood :) At least that would satisfy me psychologically..haha

alex teo said...

haha that could work too :) there have been too many Army guys, Navy SEALs and what have yous (lots of multicam too) lately so this is a most refreshing change

ChinookHK said...

OK, I just happened to stumble upon this looking for something entirely different. I used to be a Night Stalker, so this caught my eye. Then I read that the figure is Chief McDunn, I knew I had to get it. I used to Work for CW4 McDunn in the Regimental ALSE shop at Ft. Campbell. With him Involved, I KNOW that everything is as accurate as technology (and the Regiment) will allow.

alex teo said...

thanks for the confirmation and vote of confidence, ChinookHK ex-Night Stalker - your comment all the more seals the deal Sweet

Anonymous said...

Not to burst your bubble but you might check your source for the photos. The top picture is of a person who is in the 25th light infantry division from Hawaii. This is indicated by the patch on the left shoulder. Also, he is carrying a pair of M240 machine guns which are used but regular army Blackhawks and to my knowledge, none of our aircraft (160th that is) have M240s. Also, I'm guessing he's a crewdog because pilots, while most are willing to help get the aircraft ready, are not usually found carrying the door guns.

The Second picture looks like someone in the 82nd Airborne Division. I can't be sure becasue the patch is on his right shoulder indicating he has been to combat with that unit but may not still be assigned to it. The dead giveaway is that he is holding an EDM. (Electronic Digital Map) Its a device the army came up with to give regular army blackhawks and Hookers (Chinooks) a moving map in the cockpit. The 160th would not have those because all their aircraft have moving maps integrated in the instrument panel.

One last thing. While I think the figure is pretty amazing and the equipment detail is pretty spectacular, you may want to consult Todd to find out if he wears anywhere near all that stuff when he flys. I've been flying for 8 years and there ain't a cockpit in the army inventory that would have to space to fit all that crap.

For a free doll, I'll take a picture of myself in all my "happy gear"!

Wilson said...

Finally i got my hands on this figure!!! Highly recommended to ALL!

Wilson said...

Alex,did u bought 1 for urself?

alex teo said...

Hi Wilson, I pre-ordered mine but the goods have yet to arrive :) looking forward to it CHEERS

Wilson said...

Wow cool! How much is it?? I got it for $170 from a local seller. He still have 1 more for sale. Also do u know where i can approach buyers for a Hot Toys Military figure?(Marine M249 SAW gunner in fallujah) I have no space to keep it and cant find any buyers D= Still mint in box!

ethan said...

Just got mine. One word. AmaZinggggggg

Anonymous said...

The real picture above isn't a 160th SOAR member.

He is a Crew Chief from 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, a regular aviation unit.


alex teo said...

thank you for that clarification :) and the link. Greatly appreciated CHEERS