Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kamen Rider V3 Deluxe by Medicom

The best V3 ever!! Love the slipcase & box design too!

Check out the slipcase art. Also gives you a hint of what to expect inside.

The box itself.

Box contents

Kamen Rider V3 - beautifully designed and crafted

Kamen Riders communicate "telepathically" via the antennae on top of their heads. This communication device between Kamen Rider V3 and the Double Riders allows perfect coordination between each Rider as they enter the battlefield. It can also be used to communicate with the Shonen Raida-Tai (Rider Scouts) Headquarters and the scouts' individual Pendants.

Kamen Rider V3's first and foremost weapon - the Henshin belt "Double Typhoon". V3 is powered by the wind energy which he gathers with the twin "Typhoon" fans in his belt. Whereas Kamen Rider 1 & 2 were powered by single windmills, V3 is powered by both the right "Kamen Rider 1 Typhoon" of Skill, and the left "Kamen Rider 2 Typhoon" of Strength.

The "Double Typhoon" is the heart of Kamen Rider V3's strength as well as the ability to "Henshin" (transform) into Kamen Rider V3. The little doohickey on the side is the V3 Hopper.

The V3 Hopper resides in a special holster on the left side of V3's belt. By propelling this miniature satellite vertically into the air (max. height up to 500 m), V3 can monitor the surrounding terrain via the interface embedded in his visor. This is also particularly useful for tracking fleeing enemies.

A comparison between the Medicom deluxe V3 (on the left) and the older version V3 (on the right). The older version's anatomy looks wrong compared to the deluxe version. Particularly don't like the way the pants ride up his leg. Strangely, the deluxe version looked bigger on its own but when placed side by side with the old, they are actually similar in size but with different emphasis. This old version is a later model from the previous blog entry - the colour of the earlier version was a deeper green and the antenna was metallic, not plastic. It also came with an extra mannequin body and helmet.

Check out Kamen Riders group shot.

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