Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vietnam War, SEAL Stoner Machine Gunner

This Hot Toys figure deserves a second look.

The Claymore bag, besides carrying the claymore mine with firing wire and detonator/cracker, even has the instructions on the bag, just like the real thing.


WL said...

Hi Alex,

Wee Loong (WL) here. I just started collecting and I'm also into 1/6 millitary.

I'm actually shaun's (Fortress of Testicular Fortitude) Sec sch class mate.

I was wondering where I can still find this piece...



alex teo said...

Hi WL,

Any friend of Shaun's is a friend of mine :)

Before Hot Toys went "Hollywood", they released their 1:6 military series which were very well received. As you know, Hot Toys stuff are HOT - if you don't pre-order, chances are you won't be getting yours when the products are released because the demand far exceeds the supply and those who wait-and-see normally end up regretting.

I was able to get these figures because I'd pre-ordered them. I'm not sure where these are available now. Sorry about that :(

On the other hand, 1/6 military is enjoying quite a boom right now with lots of choices (mostly WWII and modern). The Vietnam War era seems to have taken a back seat for now.

Enjoy the new hobby ;>

WL said...

Hi Alex,

thanks for the info. I guess I can only pop by the shops and try my luck.. Thankfully, this piece should be the only one from the Nam era that I'm interested in.

I guess the best way to get the pieces you like is to keep close tabs on the pre-order scene..

Can I also assume that it also difficult to find off-the-shelf for some of the WW2 pieces that you have featured in your blog?

The DiD Capt Millers piece sure is tempting..

Where do you get your military pieces from?

Pardon all the questions.. Shaun did say you are very approachable & helpful.. haha :)

Thank you very da much...


alex teo said...


Part of the fun is in the hunting for the elusive figures/parts :p

Other than the recent releases, most of the posts in my blog are of my collection from way back so they might not be so readily available altho once in a while, they do pop up on e-bay.

If you must have ONE WWII US Army Ranger, then DiD Capt Millers is IT! Furthermore, because this is fairly recent, there's a chance of it still floating around.

I get my stuff from TFH, same as Shaun, and pre-order is the way to go nowadays. Occasionally, I drop by China Square Central and Yellow Box for loose parts when I need them. There's also a small shop in Shaw Towers (first floor) that still has some old boxed figures but I never asked the price.

Don't worry about asking questions, just glad to help out a fellow collector.

All the BEST with your collection