Monday, December 31, 2007


Hot Toys may have done many things right but they got this figure's uniform WRONG :( The ACU is all smudged and blotty and looks terrible next to BBi's "Lucas". As usual , all Hot Toys' figures come fully loaded and ready for war.

Love the PVS-21 Night Vision Goggles (the problem with collecting modern military figures is that they are always evolving - what is modern now may become outdated a year later coz equipment is constantly changing and improving; historical figures, on the other hand, remain accurate)

The PRC-113 Military Satcom

Comparisons of various ACUs issued.


ethan said...

thats because the air force doesn't use ACUs. They use ABUS (Airmen Battle Uniform) and it looks "smudgy" compared to the ACU. Its not a digital camo, its a zebra style camo.

Anonymous said...

Actually, i'm a TACP and yes we do wear ACU's while deployed. We're known as JTAC's. "Bombs on Target!"

alex teo said...

hi ethan thanks for clearing that up :) yeah i got a Hot Toys USAF Airman from Security Force who wears 1/6 ABUS which its zebra style camo - see link here:

hey there anonymous or should i say JTAC, thanks for the fresh bit of info :) always feel honored to have the real deal come on site and give comments. Take Care when you're out there in enemy territory and GOD bless!

Anonymous said...

I was speaking to some TACP's about a week ago. They told me that they are wearing the multicam now.

alex teo said...

Cool :) thanks for the update CHEERS