Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vietnam War, 1965 to 1975

Was doing some cleaning of the displays and decided to take pictures of some of my Nam collection.

These two pieces were produced by Hot Toys in 2006 and they are two of the nicest pieces from my Nam collection. US Navy SEAL stoner machine gunner (left) and M60 shorty machine gunner (right) from the 1967 to 1971 era. They were packed to the brim with all the things you'll need for the war in the jungles. The M60 gunner's face sculpt was meant to be Richard Marcinko (i think), famous author of Rogue Warrior and all the other SEAL novels that make for very interesting read. The language used was top crass.

The other two warriors in this pix were from 21st Century Toys "Ultimate Soldier" back in 2000. Suffice to say, they are no longer producing 12" figures. One of them is the US Special Forces MIKE (Mobile strIKE) Force with the Swedish K AMG while the other is the Navy SEAL Stoner Machine Gunner with pet monkey.

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