Sunday, December 30, 2007

Star Wars Episode 1: Darth Maul

While episode 1 may have been about finding Anakin the slave who will become Darth Vader, Darth Maul was certainly one of the key characters in the show. What with the face tattoos, vestigial horns and double-bladed lightsabre, he was certainly as cool as villians should be. He made the bad guys look good, just like Darth Vader and the stormtroopers.

His Sith Speeder (produced by Hasbro) wasn't exactly a cool ride though - General Grievous' Wheel Bike was way cooler. Darth Maul also had his probe droids (by Sideshow) to do his reconnaissance for him.

Darth Maul close-up and the hidden compartment to stash his sabre.

The ultra-cool and ultra-nice probe droids. It would have been great if Sideshow did transparent spikes instead so that the probes really look like they were hovering.

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